Have you ever wanted to fly? Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined yourself flying over the trees? Do you dream at night that you are flying? Did you know that it is possible to close your eyes and live a magical flight adventure in real life? It’s called astral projection. Another term for this type of travel is an “out-of-body experience.”

Before explaining how to do an astral project, let me tell you a story. This is a story my mom told me when I was a kid. When he was about five years old, he had leg problems. He was in so much pain, that when he lay in his bed at night, he wished he could leave his body. So she did it! He didn’t know how, but he would sit up, step out of his body, float up to the ceiling, and then fly out of the room. He said it was a lot of fun and he felt free!

As he got a little older, he wanted to learn more about his incredible experience. I went to the school library and discovered that when someone leaves their body it is called “astral projection.” You may have never heard these words before, so let me look up a dictionary … okay, I’m back! Now, let’s look at the first word: “astral”. My very cheerful dictionary says that “astral” means: anything that is like the stars or has to do with the stars. For example, if you have a grandmother whose eyes are bright and shiny, like a star, you could say that she has astral eyes. (I think she would like that.) If you look closely at the word “astral”, it even has the words “a star” hidden inside it. Yes, words are deceptive and magical as well! It also has the words “Al’s Rat” hidden inside, but don’t tell Al, or his rat might try to escape and go to Hollywood to become a movie star!

So now we know what the word “astral” means, but what about the word “projection”? My very cheerful dictionary says that a “projection” is something that sticks out. Have you ever been to a movie theater and looked back into the dark? Did you see that light, very high, that shines on the movie screen? Makes a “projection” on the screen.

What have we learned so far?

Astral = Everything that has to do with the stars. Projection = Something that sticks out.

Astral projection = protruding towards the stars.

Yes, YOU can have an astral projection. You can go out into the stars. In fact, you can go anywhere you want! You can float through outer space, you can visit your friend’s house, or just fly through your room! Sounds fun and exciting, but a little weird?

You might be wondering, “How can I do this? How can I astral project?” First, let’s talk about who YOU ​​are. You have a thumb. You have shoulders and a navel. You also have feelings and thoughts. So which part are you REALLY you? Are your nails you, or is it your voice that speaks words? Sometimes even adults have a hard time figuring out which part they really are. The truth is that YOU ARE EVERYTHING! That’s right, you can be, do or have anything, because you are part of everything you see around you.

But what does this have to do with astral projection? Well, let me tell you … Your body is a tool. It is there for you to use, like a spoon, pencil, or hammer. If you want to run somewhere or grab something, your body is a wonderful tool to get the job done! Like a spoon, pencil, or hammer, you can also lay your body down when you’re not using it. We do this every night when we go to sleep. In fact, right after getting into bed is a perfect time to have an astral projection.

Did you know that your body can fall asleep, but you can stay awake? Yes, while your body sleeps, there is a part of you, within your body, that can travel and explore. This part of you is called the “astral body”. Some people call their astral body their “soul” or their “spirit.” It is the energy within your body that makes you move and be alive. Your astral body can do everything your imagination can do. It can fly, swim, go through walls, or travel faster than a racing car. It can even be invisible!

Having an astral projection is like being in a dream, but you are awake. Just like in a dream, you can also wake up whenever you want. Most of the people who have had astral projections tell us that there is a long, silver cord, or a long rope, that goes from their body asleep in bed, to their astral body that is having the adventure. It is connected to your navels! This keeps you safe while exploring.

How do I have an astral projection?

Try this exercise one night just before going to sleep:

While lying on your back, place your hands and arms at your sides. Just close your eyes and relax. Now breathe for a few minutes. Pretty easy, huh? This will allow your body to feel VERY comfortable. Now listen to your own breathing. Don’t try to breathe, let your lungs fill completely, like two balloons. Let your breath come … and go … very easily, like ocean waves … coming in … and out. Very good!

You will then relax each part of your body, one at a time. We will start with your feet. While lying on your back, pinch your toes as hard as you can, while inhaling. Now as you exhale, let your feet TOTALLY relax. Your feet will be so relaxed that it will feel like they’re not even there. Do the same with your lower legs (calves). Squeeze them tightly as you inhale and let them fully relax as you exhale. Do the same with the upper part of your legs (your thighs). Do the same with your butt. After that, everything below your waist should feel like it’s melted into bed. This feels very nice and calm! Keep squeezing, breathing, and relaxing each part of your body: stomach, hands, arms, chest, shoulders, neck, and face.

Marvelous! After you’ve relaxed your entire body, from head to toe, you may feel like you’re floating in space! Your body might feel very numb, like it’s not even there. This feeling means that your body is going to sleep and your astral body is free to explore.

Getting started on this adventure is easy, but it may take some practice for some. While lying there, imagine what it would feel like to sit down. Let your body remain numb in bed, but imagine yourself sitting and looking around the room. This is VERY important – it is your desire to sit that will make it happen!

We are all different, so take one step at a time. You may learn to relax your body during the first few nights of practice. Soon enough, you’ll learn to sit up in bed, and in no time you’ll be floating around the room. Always keep in mind that you ARE SAFE! Every time you want to stop the journey and be awake in your body, all you have to do is think about it and it will happen. Have fun on your nightly journeys and remember … The ease with which you have astral projection depends on how possible you think it is!

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