The 5 MLB races to follow on satellite TV

For tipsters and bettors around the world, there are few topics more treacherous than Major League Baseball. On any given night, big ‘stuff’ from an unknown pitcher can lead to history being made; then the best team in the game could be beaten by the worst the next day. The pennant races are a war of attrition with few clear […]

Fifteen baseball stars continue to look towards the Mendoza Line in 2018

Few people would have predicted that the Philadelphia Phillies would be eight games over .500, and just a half-game behind the Washington Nationals, heading into June. Those optimists were likely banking on the fact that the last-place Phils made a couple of key acquisitions over the winter and were therefore bound to be better. A warning that last season’s rookie […]

New Year, New You – Part I

January 1st is almost here and it will be gone. The day will pass as quickly as any other day. On December 31 at 11:59 an important fact is constant: TIME DOES NOT WAIT FOR ANYONE. If you’re like millions of Americans across the country, you’ll make New Year’s Resolutions that you promise to keep. You will even say an […]

Negotiation – Tactics, Tricks and Threats

Most successful negotiators recognize that the way people involved in negotiations behave does not always reflect their true feelings or intentions. Let’s take a look at the negotiation tactics you can use on or by yourself. Whether you choose to use these tactics or not, it is vital to understand: o Tactical work o They can be worn on you, […]

Eat out? make the right decisions

Going out to eat is very common in today’s world. You don’t want to be the outsider by forever refusing to eat out with friends, family, and colleagues in an attempt to eat good home-cooked meals and stick to your health goals. Also, people are traveling more than they used to, whether for work or pleasure. However, it is possible […]

The Fantasy Report: Beltran on top

Fantasy news and notes * Jeff Kent will be activated from the 15-day disabled list Monday after experiencing soreness in his left oblique. He’s not 100 percent yet, but it looks like he’s eager to try. Kent is expected to play first base until Nomar Garciaparra returns. * Bartolo Colon, has tendinitis in his right biceps, also has a partial […]

Who Invented the T-Ball?

“I won’t be happy until we have every kid in America between the ages of six and 16 wearing a glove and hitting.” Babe Ruth On May 6, 2001, the Capitol City League Rockies and the Satchel Paige League Memphis Red Sox from the Washington, DC area took the field to play each other in a game of t-ball. What […]

Top 10 Disney Princesses

Over the years, Disney has created many princesses, but not all princesses are what you would consider popular. One thing you’ll notice when looking at the top 10 Disney princesses that have been created over the years is that Disney’s oldest princesses are still some of the most popular princesses, despite the improvements Disney is making to each. new princess […]

Editorial Scams: Six Red Flags That Scream “Scam”

It’s heartbreaking. You go to a local fair and there, at the author’s table, is a line of smiling hopefuls, eager to sell their books. Some are beautiful books, either self-published or produced by traditional publishers. But many are poorly written, poorly produced, with amateur covers and cheap bindings. The author’s smiles are wearing thin as they realize the world […]