Sir Anthony Hopkins films, actor and director

Anthony Hopkins movies are always a joy to watch. The legendary actor has spent more than five decades honing his skills, resulting in a distinctive acting style that is admired around the world, bringing something different to each and every movie he makes. Script mastery is one of Anthony Hopkins’ main strengths in his acting chops: he reads every script […]

Yacht Latrell Sprewells

Latrell Sprewell is a man who thinks about putting food on the table, not owning a yacht. He is 36 years old and a former NBA star has defaulted on a mortgage loan. Sprewell is best known for his cutting style and most especially when he was suspended for strangling his coach. Three years ago a $21 million contract offer […]

Not “Buy It Now”

Joe Coal became a miner when he was 18 years old. His father and his mother had health problems and neither could work. So, Joe skipped college and helped his parents. He got up at 5 in the morning to work in the mine until 8 at night. He bought groceries and other supplies to help his parents pay the […]

Screen test of 300 Light or Superman? Immortals Visually Stunning Though Dramatically Generic

Say Sin City and 300 where the visual game changers in the movie would be a major understatement. Its CGI was specifically designed to reflect the comic book origins of the films (yes, “comic book”, not “graphic novel”), giving them an otherworldly feel that’s somewhat divorced from reality. Cinema is an escapist medium, and that pioneering CGI did a lot […]

Goalie Fantasy Free Agency Shakedown

The first week of July is always a busy time in the hockey universe in terms of player movement. It has become a Mini Me of the trade deadline. While the top storylines this year will center on players like Kovalchuk, Gonchar and Hamhuis, in fantasy hockey terms, these deals will have little impact on where those players rank on […]

Factors to Consider in Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are products that will help increase your sexual escapades. If you’re looking for that familiar twist to the usual lovemaking procedure, you might want to peruse some of the factors listed in the article. You may have already found various bits of information on the Internet. I will be highlighting certain points that can be considered as […]

A Wonderful Cajun/Creole Influenced Rabbit Stew Recipe

When I hunt small game with my friends Chris and Dave, the wives always want to try something different with the rabbit we bring home. Here’s a recipe the whole family will really enjoy. This rabbit stew recipe is thickened with a slow-cooked dark roux that turns into rabbit stew. The method creates a gourmet flavor without the risks of […]

Mildred Keith, a girl

Mildred Keith is about a sixteen year old girl who experiences many changes in her life. In the spring of the 1830s, the Keith family, currently residing in Lansdale, Ohio, is a happy family. But when lawyer Stuart Keith decides to move to unstable Indiana, where there won’t be as much business competition, some are happy, the rest are devastated. […]