Strategies and benefits of marketing in social networks: strategies that guarantee benefits for companies

The day of darkness is no longer a challenge to overcome. Social media marketing (SMM) It has eliminated the concept of obscurity or the need for feverish marketing strategies among the who’s who in the business or professional yellow pages. Participation in social media can help you retain customers, find and develop new ones, and manage your business reputation, among […]

Best Engineering Universities in USA

In the United States, the word college is often used to specify an independent higher-level activity of educational institutions that are not parts of a university, as well as to refer to the parties within a university. The independent institutions that have the tendency to call themselves colleges are sometimes universities in the international importance of the state. Typically, in […]

Letter to the Belmont

Held each year at Belmont Park in New York, the Belmont Stakes has always been known as The Champion’s Test as it is the last of the Triple Crown races and also the longest at a mile and a half long. It is open to three-year-olds, fillies and foals alike who want to risk completing the Triple Crown (if they […]

Baseball’s Mr. Average is a future First Ballot Hall of Famer

There is no official award in the sport of baseball, but if there is, the plaque should be presented in honor of Pat Meares. He spent his nine-year career as a regular shortstop for the Minnesota Twins and later the Pittsburgh Pirates, an unremarkable but fairly adequate infielder who was exactly average. At no time was this more true than […]

Odds, Implied Probability and Closing Line Bets

Using a random line at a Las Vegas casino bookmaker for a mythical Yankees / Royals game, we see that New York is offered at -220 and Kansas City at +206 and from those betting lines we can calculate the implicit probability each team has of winning that. particular game. To calculate the implied probability of winning for a favorite […]

Encounter with Native American trail markers

In our modern world, we always move from one place to another. We use road signs, maps, and even GPS devices to help us get to our destinations. Older travelers often don’t use such sophisticated ways to get directions. Seniors like me still use paper maps or ask someone for directions. But how do you navigate from A to B […]

The legendary story of LeBron James

For the elite athlete, the bronze ring of immortality and a professional sports championship, it often moves a little beyond its clutch. The more you drop out, the more the audience highlights what you haven’t refined rather than what you have. LeBron James knows all about this ruthless incongruity. For eight bewildering seasons, he was the ruler of the NBA […]

When will college football have a tiebreaker?

The only question now that most soccer fans have in mind is: will there actually be a tiebreaker? Some of them may consider it a dream, especially the BCS opponents. Currently, the BCS has a television contract until 2013. And the BCS does not feel pressure to change before or after that date. Today, the great schools have no incentive […]