Properties and houses for rent in Jamaica

In the event that you have recently acquired an investment property in Jamaica, you may be looking for ways to market this place effectively. This requires careful consideration, especially if you obtained a mortgage to purchase one of the charming beachfront apartments in Ocho Rios. Therefore, the main goal of this article is to help people in your situation and […]

Online women’s clothing boutiques: always in style!

Women always like to have fashionable dresses that look good at least in their own eyes. They like to flaunt traditional and contemporary dresses in different styles, and online shopping has become one such platform that helps women find a plethora of styles, regardless of age and ethnicity. The advancement of technology has changed almost every facet of human life. […]

100% debt free… using a HELOC

What is a home equity line of credit? A home equity line of credit (or HELOC) is an instrument offered by a bank that will allow you to withdraw funds at any time for any purpose. Each withdrawal increases the amount owed to the bank. You can make payments to the bank at any time, which will reduce the balance. […]

Commercial Real Estate Listing Techniques: How To Make Your Property Proposal Better Than Most

When the owner of a commercial property invites you to submit a proposal to sell it, you may only get that one opportunity to get the message of the proposal and your marketing strategy across. Unfortunately, most vendor invitations to present sales proposals are sent to multiple agents for a single property, so the message in the document must be […]

Why Investing in Real Estate Made Me a Millionaire and Investing in Stocks Didn’t

Martin, our money man and main investment partner, emailed us last night and said simply, “I’ve pretty much lost everything.” We had been looking for a commercial property to purchase to diversify our investments. Martin was our partner again in the deal we found, assuming he was comfortable with the numbers. At least he was planning it before the markets […]

Trucs die makelaars gebruiken om huizenkopers af te zetten

Trucs die makelaars gebruiken Als u van plan bent een nieuw huis te kopen, dan is het belangrijk om uw onderzoek te doen en veel vragen te stellen voordat u een makelaar inhuurt. Maar houd er rekening mee dat niet alle makelaars loyaal zijn aan hun huizenkopers of -verkopers. Sommigen van hen gebruiken zelfs vastgoedtrucs om hun klanten af te […]

5 Ways Blockchain Will Transform the Life of a Common Man

With all the media on fire with news about cryptocurrency prices, you may be wondering how this affects a common man. Right at the heart of cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies is Blockchain technology. There are several industrial and administrative problems that technology can solve for the common man. He owns a small business but often feels a lack of […]