LED High Bay Lights: Advantages and Disadvantages

High bay lights are typically used for the highest open areas over 5 meters. These are designed for constant, bright, even illumination of a large open area. They are the most suitable for warehouses, industrial buildings, stadiums and commercial complexes, etc. Advantages There are several advantages of these and some of the main advantages of LED High Bay Lights are […]

Tips for finding a rental property

Find out your needs The first step of any apartment search should begin with the prospective tenant carefully identifying all of their apartment needs. This list of needs will be different for each tenant. While some tenants are simply looking for a place to eat, bathe, and sleep, other tenants may be looking for a living space that serves multiple […]

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

When renovating a bathroom, here on the Sunshine Coast, our clients sometimes quickly discover that their budget or property constraints don’t allow them to create their best space. However, there are several smart design tips and tricks to keep in mind that can help you achieve your design dreams. Let’s discuss how you can make a small bathroom feel bigger: […]

Easy-to-Understand Ways to Outsource Title Work

A title deed is one of the most essential property documents. Having a title alone is not enough. One has an obligation to conduct a thorough search to determine if a title to property is legitimate and free from error. This job is very complicated, boring and exhausting for a person who has never done it. Even so, it could […]

The average family’s guide to financial freedom

Bill and Mary Toohey, authors of The average family’s guide to financial freedom, make middle class average wages. Mary works as an office manager and Bill as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the state. With modest incomes, they achieved financial freedom and ensured that their needs are met in retirement. His book is a guide for others who want to […]

How to buy land the right way

The purchase of land can be seen as a means of investment that can generate an adequate return in the long term. But one must be very careful before spending a lot of money on any lucrative land that attracts attention. There have been many cases of land purchase fraud and the buyer had to face a lot of losses. […]

Answers to frequently asked questions about title insurance coverage and rates

When it comes to title insurance rates, coverage, and other important policy information, many homeowners simply don’t know the details. In some cases, the act of buying can seem so daunting that they may skip the important step of securing their investment. This simple step can actually end up saving some homeowners thousands of dollars, making it a valuable part […]

Creating Wealth Secrets: Why Financial Discipline Is Important And How To Have It

As I’ve written in previous wealth-building posts, financial freedom occurs once your passive income (for example, from a residual income business or a properly managed rental income property) exceeds your monthly expenses. For that to happen, you need to know exactly how much PASSIVE INCOME you are creating each month AS WELL AS the amount of your monthly expenses. That […]