Best Live Bands in Singapore For 2021

Best Live Bands The best live band to perform at your wedding is the one that’s able to lift the atmosphere of the event. To help you choose the right band, we’ve compiled a list of the top five performers in the country. Whether you’re looking for a local or international act, these musicians can make your big day truly […]

A Russian Piano Teacher in Singapore

Russian Piano Teacher A renowned Russian Piano Teacher in Singapore, Katya Dedik, is a nurturing and experienced educator who has studied at the Herzen State Pedagogical University. She is a graduate of the prestigious Moscow Conservatory, where she studied under Professor Alexander Dyachkov. With more than 20 years of teaching experience, she specializes in teaching classical, jazz, and contemporary piano. […]

Primal Scream and Nude Run at Harvard

My daughter, Jasmin, asked me one day on the phone if I had seen running naked at Harvard, where I was currently enrolled. “What is the nude race?” I asked. “Mom, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of this when you’ve been at Harvard for so long.” He explained to me that the nude race is where students run across […]

Crazy military spending by India and Pakistan

The arms race did not end after the collapse of the Soviet Union. India and Pakistan, a stone’s throw from each other, continue to demonstrate the relevance of maintaining a self-destructive arsenal of weapons to protect each of their interests in the region. These countries spend a large part of their fiscal budget on acquiring weapons and strengthening their armed […]

5 Reasons Why Many Feel The American Political System Is Failing!

For many years (in recent memory), the United States of America, which takes pride, supposedly, on constitutional guarantees and promises of various rights and privileges, including the enjoyment of a free and fair voting system, has experienced, One of the lowest in votes! It seems that many believe that their vote does not count and / or does something different, […]

The search for a soulmate: reality and illusion

Marriage is one of the oldest institutions created by man. An old proverb says: “Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth. “It is widely believed that God creates human beings in pairs from the same soul and that everyone has a soulmate in this world. True love consists in discovering your soulmate in this world. Therefore, for each […]

It’s a juggling act

Today’s actors have it harder than ever. More and more people are interested in acting professionally. The temptation of fame and fortune is powerful and ascending to celebrity status in the acting world is a temptation that rivals “Eve” tempting “Adam” in the Garden of Eden. Reality television is still alive and well and many viewers prefer to watch the […]

9 Martin Luther King Jr Quotes That Apply Today

Personally, I believe that Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the greatest gifts to American spirituality. He spoke passionately, lived boldly, challenged others to overcome their current circumstances and to experience themselves and others in a greater and loving way. His words sounded throughout our country like sweet notes of a deep and hidden truth. He walked fully and […]