About the Xbox One FAQ

Xbox one is a video game console developed and marketed by Microsoft. Since the console was the center of attention, there have been many questions surrounding it. These are some of the frequently asked questions about the console: Does the console require an internet connection? No, you do not need an Internet connection to use the console. In fact, you […]

Don’t let your hand get caught in the cookie jar

Last year, one of the most controversial laws passed by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in regards to the internet and website development was the law that was introduced to deal with the use of cookies. Cookies are messages that are sent to a web browser or server that are created from historical user data. The message contains data about […]

To help! A Pokémon is invading my lawn

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since July 6, 2016, at least you know that millions of people around the world now spend every spare moment hunting Pokémon. (For the uninitiated who are about to correct my grammar, I am sure that Pokémon is both singular and plural, there are no ‘Pokemons’). It’s an international obsession, which saw the […]

Broadway to destruction

Broad is the road that leads to destruction. Narrow is the path that leads to eternal life. Verses 13 and 14 of chapter 7 relate the words of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God the Father who is in heaven. It’s the ‘if it feels good, do it’ way. “Following the crowd” and “coming out of the closet” are […]

Film that conveys the future?

Netflix just announced its new “Watch Now” feature that allows subscribers to watch their rented movies streamed over the Internet. This was a direct response to Blockbuster’s Total Access program that allows its subscribers to come back and get new movies at local Blockbuster stores, a feature Netflix could never compete with. The Blockbuster franchise is simply too big. However, […]

Ten best games for Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 had hundreds of games released since the system first went on sale in 1996. It can be difficult to choose which games to buy. Below is a list of the top ten must-have games for Nintendo 64 and why they should be in your collection. 10. Perfect Dark – The successor to Goldeneye 007. The developers kept […]

Mobile app development trends that will continue to dominate in 2017

The tremendous increase in smartphone use over the years has left everyone in awe. If you are a digital marketer or mobile app development company, you know how rapidly this field is changing and evolving. Mobile apps expanded to different platforms and different industries and categories over time. Rapid change and advancement in technology results in a change in development […]

Salehoo Dropshipping and Wholesalers!

SaleHoo, a wholesale directory service, was launched in 2005 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade, both from New Zealand. At the moment, its directory has more than 1.7 million products from more than 8,500 different suppliers. You can find just about anything to sell, from sporting goods to electronics, etc. Understand how SaleHoo works Before making any move to subscribe […]