Impact of social media on society

“Do you have Facebook?” “Yes, of course. But I don’t think you can find me, since there are too many people who have the same name as me. Try searching with my last name too.” “Hey, you celebrated your birthday at K-Box, right? I saw the pictures on your Facebook.” “Brother, I saw your comments on the YouTube video I […]

Stop the presses: computers run on electricity

It’s not easy for news organizations to support investigative journalism in this age of stagnant advertising, shrinking audiences and staff buyouts. So I’m not quite sure what to say to The New York Times for running the story that the Internet runs on electricity. Thank you? The Times’s James Glanz spent about a year documenting the not-so-secret existence of huge […]

Don’t leave your application half done: add local flavors

App stores like Apple’s iStore are giving app developers and creators unprecedented reach to catapult their apps to larger markets and newer user bases. But no matter how strong, fresh, well-made, and smooth an app is, it’s bound to hit dead ends if it doesn’t cover some app localization basics. Localization, in short, is simply an attention to detail that […]