How is Maxtrax used?

Maxtrax is a brilliant way to regain stuck four-wheel drive quickly, safely, and easily. I’ve seen too many recoveries that could have gone wrong to recommend using alternatives. Maxtrax is a form of sand ladders, which are placed under the vehicle’s tires to provide additional traction. They are made from a special engineering plastic that is UV resistant and extremely […]

Aston Martin DB4 sports car

The Aston Martin DB4 – A Closer Look At This Sports Car Including Performance, Technical Data, Features, Rivals Comparison, History, Used Prices from classic to modern CAR The Aston Martin DB4 sports car was unveiled at the London Motor Show in October 1958 as the Series 1 variant, priced at £ 3,967. This 2 + 2-seater fixed head coupe was […]

How much are my autographs worth?

How much is my autograph worth? Do you buy autographs? How much are my autographs worth? This is a question that we are asked on a daily basis, and it is not easy to answer, as it can depend so much on many different things. • Whose signature is it? • How rare is that signature? • How good is […]

The Ford Motors journey

Henry Ford started Ford Motors in 1903. Since joining the organization, Ford Motors has grown to become one of the major players in the automotive industry. Over the past 100 years, Ford has successfully pushed the limits of automotive technology and introduced cars that have earned the loyalty of millions of consumers. FUN FACT !! The first Ford sold was […]

Skoda review: luxury sedan

The Skoda company came to India, when the Japanese auto companies had already established themselves themselves. Therefore, it certainly had some competition and had to establish itself. Skoda entered the Indian market with a gasoline and diesel model of the Octavia. At that time when gasoline prices they weren’t that high, I opted for the Octavia 2.0 MPFI, with a […]

Some of the vital auto parts for your car

Auto parts are essential for all cars to ensure greater safety, especially during times of car breakdown. However, before making any purchase, it is critical to make sure of the essential parts you want to install in your car. Another thing to consider is the price of those pieces. No matter who fixes them, they must be inexpensive and of […]

Toyota’s 2JZ-GTE versus General Motor’s LS2 – Which is the better engine?

Japan, home to the most technologically advanced culture, has several of the world’s largest automakers. High standards of quality control, reliability, affordability, and efficient engineering have led Japanese manufacturers to be a dominant force in the global automotive market. In this article, a comparison will be made between the modern Japanese engine design methodology for using turbocharged engines of lower […]

Used cars in Germany – Drive with pride and joy

Germany is one of the best automobile manufacturing countries in addition to Japan, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. There are many common names like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Opel, and Porsche. The history of German automobiles began in 1870 when Karl Benz and his colleague Nikolaus Otto set out to begin an experiment for automobile […]