FR44 Insurance in Florida: Common Questions with Complete Answers

When did the Florida FR44 insurance filing go into effect? What are the necessary requirements for one? What types of policies qualify for compliance? As of October 1, 2007, a person convicted of DUI in Florida must maintain higher limits of vehicle accident liability coverage. The minimum amounts are $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident for bodily injury liability, and […]

Should you allow your dog to lick you?

Do you like to allow your dog to lick your body and face? While some pet owners find the idea of ​​being licked revolting, others find licking a loving gesture that helps them bond even more with their pet. However, if you like to allow your pet to lick you, you may want to think again. While it may seem […]

Understanding and controlling the prey drive

Prey drive is the “buzz word” among dog lovers these days. Its textbook definition states that it is the instinctive behavior of carnivores to chase and capture prey, but it is commonly used to describe habits in dog training. Prey drive is what motivates a dog to chase a ball, animals, a car, or a fleeing child, so it is […]

toys for your hound

A lot of thought should go into choosing the right toys for your hound. You must first learn about the breed and understand its mannerisms before going to the store and buying anything old. By nature, if a Bloodhound doesn’t have much to keep its mind occupied, it’s just like any other animal on the planet, it gets bored. Many […]

5 Ways Hunting Is Truly Eco-Friendly

Decelerate. Before you call PETA to request that they send a hit man, hear me out. Most people eat meat, so why is farming a better source of meat than hunting? Turns out it isn’t, at least in terms of their respective “green” scores. When it is done for sustenance and not single for sport, hunting can actually be an […]

Tips for building a predator-proof chicken coop

We all want to protect our babies, building a predator-proof chicken coop is probably the most important aspect of protecting them. Chicken predators come in all shapes and sizes. Cats, dogs, snakes, owls and hawks, for example. The list can be daunting. Here are some quick tips to get started with predator testing your chicken coop. Motion sensor lighting is […]

Dog food tests: what do they reveal?

Do you love your pet? Most people who have pets are naturally animal lovers. It’s really kind of hard not to feel love towards those furry friends for the unconditional love and affection they give us. They are truly loyal peerless companions who stay with us throughout our lives. Since we are animal lovers, it is natural that we want […]