Frustrated with your pug?

Did you know that if you train your pug incorrectly, your healthy and obedient pug could turn out to be a disaster for you and your family? It doesn’t take months for a pug puppy to pick up bad stinky habits that will haunt you for years. Every dog ​​needs training. So does a pug dog. The best time to […]

Preparing to take your puppy home

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a huge commitment. First-time puppy owners are often filled with questions about how to care for their new furry companions. Preparing your home for a puppy before bringing it home will help ensure that you and your puppy adjust smoothly to the new living arrangement. The following checklist is designed to help […]

5 reasons to change your marketing strategy

All business owners are comfortable doing the things we need to do and sometimes we don’t stop to think “what can I do better” or “what can I do differently.” This “5 Reasons to Change Your Marketing Strategy” article will help you get out of your rut and get excited about trying new things! 1. Product Life Cycle Location – […]

How to write a column about a personal experience

I once read a column in my local newspaper about the experience of a person adopting a kitten. The theme of the column seemed to be that it was difficult to get exactly the kitten I wanted due to what the columnist argued was the lack of unwanted kittens in our province, British Columbia. The columnist ended up buying her […]

What are the 5 types of dog breeders?

Professional breeders of show dogs Professional show dog breeders take pride of place among the ranks of dog breeders. They breed dogs because they like what they do and take pride in keeping bloodlines, records, and caring for dogs. If you want a quality purebred dog whose lineage you would like to get to know, these are the guys to […]

Buy your bounce dog

My daughter is home from her vacations with her dad’s family, so today I took the day off from work and we looked at puppies. Just in case. She remained vehement about her desire to have a Yorkshire Terrier. I am adamant that 1) Yorkies are hyperactive and 2) are prohibitively expensive. So I took her to the puppy store […]

5 reasons to choose a gold Doodle and 5 reasons not to

Three years ago, my children and I were adjusting to life without their father. They needed someone or something to hug and so did I. So on Labor Day 2007, I loaded the kids into the car, remembered to bring some towels, and headed out to Amish country, where puppy prices were in line with what I could get. to […]

The Hows and Whys of Buying Vintage Clothing

Why Vintage? Why would anyone want to wear vintage clothing? First of all, it’s fun! When you wear vintage, you stand out from the crowd. The chances of someone else wearing the exact same outfit for that special event are slim or nil. More and more high school girls are buying vintage for proms and proms because it guarantees them […]

Communicate with your deaf cat

By understanding and responding to your deaf cat’s unique needs, the two of you will develop a closer relationship and better communication skills. A sensitive pet owner can learn by observing how their pet reacts and adjusts to its environment. It takes time, perseverance and patience for both the owner and the pet to get to know each other and […]

Piroplasmosis: Protect Your Dog Well

Piroplasmosis is one of the diseases, sometimes fatal, most commonly seen in dogs. This disease, which destroys red blood cells, is due to a blood parasite, transmitted by a tick bite. Treatment is effective as long as it is established in time, but complications can be serious. What are the symptoms that can be observed? The dog is lying down, […]