A Closer Look at Florida’s Phosphate Mining Industry

A brief history Phosphate is a non-renewable natural resource obtained from the extraction of phosphate-containing minerals. Florida’s phosphate rock deposits are believed to have originated when seawater conditions caused dissolved phosphorus to solidify and form the sediment that is mined today (1). Marine life also played an important role in the formation of the sediment deposits. Pebble River Phosphate was […]

South Georgia and North Florida

Known as the City of Rose, Thomasville is the second largest city in Southeast Georgia and is filled with the rich history, specialty shops, and natural southern beauty that surrounds the city. Adjacent to the Thomasville Rose Garden is Cherokee Park, one of the most scenic parks Thomasville has to offer. The park’s one-mile paved trail winds around the lake […]

Florida DWI Arrest: The Law That Applies To You

All DWI and DUI convictions or DWI arrest in Florida can have a significant impact on your driving privileges and your insurance premiums and rates. DWI and DUI laws in all 50 states generally determine a person’s driving privileges within the state. And if you’re thinking about moving to another state to avoid the penalties and keep driving, think again. […]

The 3 Best Beaches in Florida

There is nothing better than a Florida beach vacation. Sun Sea and sand. Some serious tanning. The occasional bath. Happy kids. A sizzling barbecue. Balmy evenings and glorious sunsets. But which beach is the best beach? Here are three of Florida’s fabulous beaches, all great vacation destinations. Panama City BeachPanama City Beach boasts more than 27 miles of powdery white […]

Do I need an operating agreement for My Florida LLC?

Most businesses in Florida are closely held Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), so the question often arises as to whether these entities really need an operating agreement. This article is not intended to provide legal advice or form an attorney-client relationship; it is intended solely to provide general information on this important and profoundly impactful topic. By way of background, an […]

Golf Instruction in Naples, Florida – Golf Capital of the World

Naples, Florida is the “Golf Capital of the World.” How can you make that claim? Well, it has 80 championship golf courses, either within the city or just a short drive away. Residents of Naples claim that there are more golf holes than anywhere else in the world, per capita. Being a golf location, Naples is a great place for […]

Florida PIP Coverage – Required Personal Injury Protection

Everyone in Florida is required to have auto insurance coverage. The specific amounts covered by the policies vary. There is one required coverage that is a must in Florida, the $10,000 PIP coverage. PIP coverage is defined in Florida Statute as “personal injury protection benefits.” You may have a deductible or no deductible at all. Hopefully, you’ll never need your […]