Getty Images and the next generation

It’s almost impossible to protect copyrighted work these days; it’s too easy for people to copy what you produced and you don’t have time to go after everyone who violates your copyright. Yes, we live in a world of copycats, content thieves, and copyright violators. It seems to be human nature, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t […]

LSAT – 5 Big Tips for LSAT Success

1. Everything is in time As you flip through a practice LSAT test book, you read the questions and think, “Yes, I could answer that question.” But can you answer more than 20 of them in 20 minutes? And you can count on yourself not to panic when you hear the supervisor yell, “5 minutes left!” It certainly helps to […]

How to mess up your personal account statement for graduate school or professional applications

When you applied as a college student, your personal statement probably didn’t make much of a difference, because college student admissions are largely based on numbers (GPA, test scores, etc.). Graduate and career school admissions are different! Your competitors will have test scores and grades similar to yours, because most people who are motivated to earn an advanced degree did […]

Law on sexual harassment in India

Currently, there are no legislative enactments or statutory policies against sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. Sexual harassment includes any sexually determined unwanted behavior, including sexually colored comments, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature. In the absence of enacted law providing for effective enforcement of gender equality and guarantee against sexual harassment, the Supreme Court of India […]

New book offers information on personal injury lawsuits and preparation

In Approaching the Bench: Tales of a Personal Injury Lawyer, attorney Jan Weinberg shares some of his most fascinating cases from a career that has spanned decades. Beginning with stories from his time at Harvard Law School, years marked by anxiety and school absences, to his first assignment to a client while still a law student, and then being a […]

Finding the right dishwasher for your small kitchen

It’s easy to look at a small kitchen and think, “Oh great, I’ll never cook again. Or invite friends over for dinner.” It does not have to be like that. Your small kitchen can have any of the things that large kitchens have. You can’t have all the things that big kitchens have. But if you really want a dishwasher, […]

Write a cover letter that SELLS

So you have a fantastic resume or professional resume and you are ready to find the ideal position to apply for. The last step in being prepared for success is making sure you have a cover letter to finally sell yourself to your prospective employer. This letter is more important than your entire CV or resume, as it is this […]

Obtaining compensation for unpaid earnings

They can also help set high standards so that other employers aren’t tempted to take advantage of your employees in the future. Don’t be nervous about speaking up because you cannot be fired for filing such a claim. There is a strong possibility that many other people who work there also need to speak to the unpaid overtime attorney about […]