A Guide to Vacation Rental Home Options

You may only be planning a short vacation, in which case you are probably weighing the pros and cons of staying in a hotel room rather than renting private accommodation. The decision you make here depends on a number of factors, namely how long you will be away. If your stay is only two or three nights, it may be […]

Female sexuality is not a Pandora’s box

A girl called me a whore once in high school after I kissed a boy she also liked at a school assembly. She wasn’t happy about it, so she called me by the only name she thought would be the most poignant. Bitch. It might have been an insult a generation earlier, but it was 1993 and being a whore […]

Sandwich Nation

Half the United States eats one or more sandwiches every day, mostly for lunch. That is estimated at 300 million per day. They are easy, they fill, without messy, without problems. And you don’t even have to know how to cook. The varieties are endless, so where do we start? The short list includes BLT, Grilled Cheese, Club, Dagwood, French […]

Getty Images and the next generation

It’s almost impossible to protect copyrighted work these days; it’s too easy for people to copy what you produced and you don’t have time to go after everyone who violates your copyright. Yes, we live in a world of copycats, content thieves, and copyright violators. It seems to be human nature, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t […]

Total body detox: how to remove THC from your body?

Tetrahydro cannabinol or THC is a nerve toxin that is primarily a component of marijuana. The component is extremely dangerous for health and is equally difficult to eliminate from the system, as it attaches itself to the fat cells of the body. The component can cause serious mutations in the cells it comes in contact with and is best removed […]

Frustrated with your pug?

Did you know that if you train your pug incorrectly, your healthy and obedient pug could turn out to be a disaster for you and your family? It doesn’t take months for a pug puppy to pick up bad stinky habits that will haunt you for years. Every dog ​​needs training. So does a pug dog. The best time to […]

The SAT – Fun Facts!

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But really, the SAT can be fun! Well, no, that’s a lie. But let’s pretend it’s true while reading these cool SAT facts! Fun fact n. 1: The SAT represents … … nothing! The SAT is a pseudo-acronym. Like its siblings “KFC” and “A&M” at Texas A&M University, “SAT” appears to be an acronym, […]