Shaker Style remains a cabinet classic

Shaker cabinets have been a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets for many years. This style has a timeless elegance, making it the ideal solution for renovating your kitchen or bathroom. When looking for cabinets you will be presented with two types of doors, there are those with slabs and those with screens. The slabs are a solid piece […]

Remove old cabinets that were nailed up in place

Periodically, we’ll need to remove an old set of kitchen or vanity cabinets that were joined and installed with nails instead of screws. If this is the case with your remodeling project, you will NOT be able to save the cabinets to install elsewhere. When you’re done taking them out, there will just be a pile of bits and pieces. […]

Marble tile installation for a distinguished look

Nothing else can match the look of marble tile in your home. Marble tile installation is performed much like ceramic tile installation with a few slight variations. Maybe you’re even thinking of installing marble yourself. It’s not that hard and it’s certainly a way to save some money and get the results you want. So how are marble tiles different […]

Installation of Laminate Countertops – Postformed Formica Countertops

When installing your own laminate countertop/worktops, it is vital to be equipped with the right tools and the right, detailed, easy-to-follow information, as you only get one chance at this task. If you’re confident using DIY tools, then you should be able to install your caps yourself using the methods outlined below. Laminated covers typically have a rolled laminated front […]

Instructions for removing a kitchen cabinet shelf

Kitchen cabinet shelves are very convenient for storing kitchen accessories. Shelves are useful in a way that you can store things that are not regularly used in the cabinets for future needs and keep your kitchen clean. Without shelves, your kitchen looks like a mess with things everywhere on countertops, shelves, tables, etc. Shelves need regular maintenance. They suffer damage […]

6 tips for choosing the best kitchen furniture

It may not be easy for you to choose the best kitchen cabinets. Whether you want to update a few things or work on an entire remodeling project, the tips we’ll share with you will help you get started. Without further ado, below are the tips you can follow. 1. Opt for a cabinet door profile In any kitchen, cabinet […]