Why Do Cam Girls Like Sex Workers?

Cam Girls Like Sex Many people have prejudices about sex workers, but they’re genuine human beings. They deserve respect just like anyone else, and they can be a lot of fun to date. The models I interviewed emphasized that while camming is exploitative, it also provides them with pleasure and independence. Here are some of their secrets: 1. They want […]

Model Cam Sex Porn – The cam porn industry

Model Cam Sex Porn A live sex porn model broadcasts herself on cam sites, using a camera to transmit real-time video of her naked body. She sells her services for tips, including private shows and extras. Some models cater to specific fetishes, such as foot fetishism. Some models also give relationship and sex advice to customers. They also take requests […]

Alternatives to Tumblr For Amateur Porn

Tumblr For Amateur Porn Tumblr banned all NSFW content and many microbloggers were left without access to their blogs. Now, only those promoting porn are allowed to join. The site’s moderation algorithms have been tightened in the past few months, and it is estimated that 25% of its traffic is now derived from NSFW content. Tumblr has also blocked the […]

7 Easy Ways for Homeowners to Save Money and Care for the Environment

It’s often said that homeownership is an essential component of most people’s American Dream, but while it should be, once someone has purchased their dream home (or the best they can afford, etc.), it’s important to take economic considerations and/or challenges into account, as well as hopefully being responsible and concerned about the environment. While there are numerous green home […]

Individual fundraising ideas? One woman’s crazy and adventurous search for fundraising ideas

When I began my parenting journey several years ago, I didn’t realize that I was also beginning an endless search for simple fundraising ideas. In truth, I had no idea that one of the main responsibilities as a parent would be to continually generate fundraising ideas. Even after resigning myself to the fact that fundraising would be a regular part […]

Goal Setting – 13 Secrets of World-Class Achievers by Vic Johnson – Book Review

title and author: Goal Setting: 13 Secrets of World-Class Achievers by Vic Johnson Content Synopsis: The late Jim Rohn always said that there are no new foundational principles for success. Vic Johnson would agree and in this book he presents timeless principles of success that he may have read about before from his own unique perspective. Johnson admits in this […]