How to Potty Train a Developmentally Delayed Child

The most important thing to remember when potty training a developmentally delayed child is that potty training may not occur until your child is much older than their peers. As a parent, you may want him to be potty-trained sooner, but like any potty-trained child, he won’t be potty-trained until he’s ready. You can start potty training your developmentally delayed […]

Christmas Wreaths – History, Tradition and Uses

Evergreen Christmas wreaths are a familiar sight on doorsteps, above fireplaces, and in homes. Crowns have been used for many hundreds of years, even before the birth of Christ. Many historians believe that the earliest crowns date back to the Persian Empire, when royals and members of the upper class wore cloth diadems or headbands adorned with jewels. Other cultures […]

All aboard the Workout Express!

We live in a time-pressed society where the stakes for professional success, social admiration and physical fitness are always present. These goals do NOT have to be mutually exclusive, as modern moms can have our proverbial cake and eat it too, particularly when it comes to fitness! How? The key is to optimize the time that can be devoted to […]

History of Saint Anthony Cathedral in Beaumont, Texas

Amanda Vessel, “The Making of a Landmark: St. Anthony’s Cathedral, Beaumont, Texas” Touchstone, Flight. XIX (2000), 48-58. This article explores the history and symbolic and cultural significance of the Cathedral of Saint Anthony in Beaumont, Texas. Amanda Vessel affirms that this Catholic Church has special meanings for its parishioners. The physical appearance of San Antonio is very symbolic. The floor […]

The Benefits of an Exersaucer

There are so many options for buying baby gear items. Various strollers, walkers, play toys, exersaucers, swings, etc. All of these items catch your eye when you walk into baby superstores these days. The question remains: which items are important to your baby’s development and which items are a waste of money? I think the exersaucer or activity center is […]

Top Five Cards for Valentine’s Day Tarot Readings

It’s Valentine’s Day. Do you want to love and be loved? Are you looking for a new love? Or do you want to strengthen your existing love relationships with your partner, family and friends? A Tarot reading is a great way to celebrate this special occasion. The Tarot will give you the information, guidance and direction you need to find […]

bridal party games

A bridal shower or “shower” is a friendly party where gifts are given to a bride-to-be before her wedding. This party takes place approximately six weeks before the big day. Believe it or not, the bachelorette party tradition originated in the 1890s, making it over a hundred years old. Normally, her boyfriend and her friends are not invited due to […]