A Guide to Vacation Rental Home Options

You may only be planning a short vacation, in which case you are probably weighing the pros and cons of staying in a hotel room rather than renting private accommodation. The decision you make here depends on a number of factors, namely how long you will be away. If your stay is only two or three nights, it may be […]

Cat In The Hat Party Menu for Kids

Everything that is served up in cat in the hat themed paper party supplies, like everything about children’s author classic Dr. Seuss, is what makes the good times. Fun with absurd characters only disguises the moral. Children who let the mischievous stranger in while their mother is away get more than they bargained for. Timeless history deserves a timeless recipe. […]

Hair accessories: 10 ways to organize them

Ever wonder why they’re not a really good container for storing and organizing hair bands and pins? There really is nothing you can use to hang up the scrunches and make it look good and be able to take it off without stretching it all out of shape. However, there are ways to organize hair accessories, if you use your […]

Disposal communication: no diapers

“Oh my… he’s so small- he’s potty trained yet?” People are fascinated that my son has never used diapers. It is a great conversation starter. Disposal communication, also known as diaper free, is a recent trend in America, especially in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado. It is even possible to attend meetings with a group of other like-minded mothers or […]

Covert Trance Induction: Seven Vital Keys to Mastery

Covert Trance Teacher Videos Essential elements for the covert trance. Almost everyone who undergoes hypnosis develops an interest in learning how to induce trance quickly and covertly. Why would you want to put someone into a trance covertly? Because being able to put someone into a trance quickly and easily is fun, it shows critics that hypnosis / trance exists, […]

Writing at home: 6 ideas for your kids to write

Getting homeschoolers to write can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting started is usually the hardest part. Here are some ideas that can jumpstart your child to write and maybe even enjoy writing: 1. Make an album: find some old or new pictures and ask your child to paste them on a page and write a […]

10 Interactive Science Education Websites for Grades K-12

As science teachers prepare to go back to school for the next school year, some have already returned, they are always looking for good online resources to supplement their lessons. It’s always nice when someone helps you preview science websites and makes recommendations. The best science education websites are interactive, allowing students to make changes or manipulate variables to observe […]

Vegetable juice recipes for weight loss

There are endless different diets and weight loss methods that we can choose from these days. Some have been shown to work and others not. Some are natural, while others are very synthetic and should be avoided. One or the other of them may work better for us than others. However, low calorie or other restrictive diets can leave us […]

Easter bunnies

In my family, the Easter holidays are very important. In most families, unless the family is very religious, Easter is something that happens without warning. You can hunt down some Easter eggs, eat a chocolate Easter bunny, and eat chicken and eggs for lunch, but that’s about it. My mom, however, has turned Easter bunnies into a religion. When we […]