The cost of unionization

As the uncertainty of the current economic crisis looms, union representation may look more attractive than ever to workers who are concerned about job security, wages and benefits. The truth of the matter is that unions target companies that are profitable. While many of these companies have had to make changes to remain competitive, they are still in the crosshairs […]

Dollars and Sense and a vacation club to boot

It was the turning point when the sound of one hundred and twenty-seven children from six to twelve years old filled the room with exuberance and excitement. The children eagerly awaited this holiday club. The leaders had worked very hard to make it a memorable occasion. Jungle decorations and artwork filled the stage and surrounding walls. Net-like structures hung from […]

Dubai – Hotels in the land of black gold

Dubai is the perfect place where the oriental ecstasy of the East meets the industrial giants of the West. Dubai along with six other emirates form the United Arab Emirates. Along with oil industry, production and trade, tourism adds substantial revenue to the economy of the emirates. It is one of the main sources of foreign exchange income. According to […]

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Company in the England uk

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Company If you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub to fit your backyard, there are several different options available. You can find a tub with four or six people, as well as a variety of features that will make your family and friends feel at home. You can also purchase an inflatable hot tub with a […]