Book Review: A President from Hawaii

Dr. Carolan and Joanna Carolan have put together a beautiful book that shows the influence Hawaii had on Barack Obama, who grew up there and later became the state’s first president. The less than seventy pages are not only beautifully illustrated, but also clearly state the values ​​held by the Hawaiian people, both in their language and in English. These […]

What makes a restaurant attractive?

As an avid food lover, I am constantly looking for cool restaurants to satisfy my cravings and curiosity. My food is my adventure, I like to try new dishes but above all I like to enjoy them in a satisfying environment with a pleasant atmosphere. So, in this article, my goal is to get the message across to restaurant owners […]

The Shaman’s Life: The Hero’s Journey

The life of the shaman takes place along the hero’s journey, which was laid out by the mythologist Joseph Campbell in five main stages. Is it so: 1) The early conventional life of the shaman; 2) The crisis, or call to adventure and awakening; 3) Discipline and training; 4) Culmination of the search in enlightenment, death and rebirth; Y 5) […]

ISO 9001 Quality Management – Corporate Manual

Current Practices Create Inconsistencies Through my work as a lead auditor with major registrars, I watched dozens of large companies with multiple locations struggling to connect their corporate policies and manuals with supporting location-specific documents. To develop a manual for a company with numerous facilities, organizations take two paths. Some companies create site-specific manuals, either as copies of the corporate […]

Anal thrush cures

Both men and women are at risk of getting an anal yeast infection. Fungal infections thrive on parts of the body that are moist and dark. The most commonly affected areas are the vagina, mouth, skin folds such as under the breasts, or the groin area of ​​babies. The anus and between the buttocks are actually a fairly common place […]

cairnoodle dogs

The Cairnoodle is a mixed breed developed from a Cairn Terrier and a Miniature Poodle, so it has an appearance that includes characteristics of both breeds, weighing around 15 to 20 pounds and measuring between 10 and 15 inches. They are found in a variable mixture of cream, red, black and gray. Their life expectancy is 12-16 years. The Cairnoodle’s […]

For the love of a good Mac

I have started a new love story. Just as the old fortune teller predicted in Vietnam a few months ago. She said that she would rekindle an old flame. I thought she was referring to an old boyfriend. She was wrong. I put it in the late 80’s. I didn’t realize when I thoughtlessly abandoned it a few years later […]

Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes Athletic Director Gene Smith (AD) – Biography

Gene Smith is the athletic director (or AD for short) of the Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes athletic program. Mr. Smith oversees a diverse variety of men’s and women’s sports for a school that has the unique distinction of being one of only four colleges to win national championships in men’s football, basketball, and baseball. Gene Smith’s official appointment to […]