Improve your B2B marketing methods

When a marketer is struggling to get the leads they want, it may be time for them to reflect on what they can do to improve. And even if they’re not going through a rough patch, it’s always a good idea to switch things up a bit, spice up your strategy and make it a little more interesting. After all, […]

Advertising Appeals Guide: The 7 Advertising Appeals Explained

The unwritten rule of effective advertising is to create ads that appeal to people’s emotions, these appeals can be broadly categorized into fear, sex, humor, music, rationality, emotions, and scarcity. These attractions are something universally experienced by everyone, regardless of race, financial position, or intelligence. it’s likely to fit into one of the “magical 7” appellations, perhaps even using a […]

The Shaman’s Life: The Hero’s Journey

The life of the shaman takes place along the hero’s journey, which was laid out by the mythologist Joseph Campbell in five main stages. Is it so: 1) The early conventional life of the shaman; 2) The crisis, or call to adventure and awakening; 3) Discipline and training; 4) Culmination of the search in enlightenment, death and rebirth; Y 5) […]

Confused by social networks? Simply Your Social Media Strategy With These 3 Purpose Driven Categories

I have seen many companies and organizations take a passive-aggressive approach to social media. They seem to get hot with a lot of activity and then cool down and lose focus altogether. It just unfolds that way. In fact, managing social media channels for most organizations of more than five people can be challenging. But it can be done when […]

Meaning, understanding and scope of marketing

Marketing is a human activity. The origin of marketing is as old as humanity. During primitive and ancient times, individuals or families exchanged the agricultural products they had for those they did not have. As society developed, designated objects such as seashells, beads, feathers, etc. They were used in exchange for goods and services. Marketing as a subject of study […]

online marketing newsletter

Online newsletter marketing is one of the most effective ways to get immediate sales for your online business. An email newsletter gives you the opportunity to connect with your readers and build your credibility. The more you increase your credibility, the more your readers will trust you, the more they will believe your words, and the more likely they are […]

Get relevant links from SEO association

There is no doubt that inbound links are the most influential component when building a website’s authority: the higher the authority of the website, the better it will rank in search engines, especially Goggle. However, building natural and relevant links is more important than getting irrelevant bad links. That’s why the best way to get back links to your website […]