The history of bankruptcy student loans

Student loans are basically non-dischargeable, almost everyone knows that. There are some very specific circumstances where even today you can pay off your student loan debt, but that is a small exception that often requires a fight and money to fight. We will discuss the current state of downloadability in a future post. The landscape around student loans and bankruptcy […]

Choosing the interior design of your home

Okay, so you’re moving into your new home and it’s time for you to decide exactly how you’re going to treat the interior. I recently walked out of an apartment that had a very “man cave” look to it…movie posters on the walls, the computer in the living room, framed movie soundtrack albums in the dining room, etc. But when […]

Dates: a wonder fruit from Arabia

Dates are the fruits of the date palm which is a highly nutritious food. They are used abundantly in the month of Ramadan when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. The sweetness of dates takes away hunger and this is another reason why fasts are opened with dates. This prevents a person from overeating after they have opened their fast. […]

The Significance of Creating a Diagram in Contextual Design

Creating a Diagram in Contextual Design Getting people involved in a design process is crucial. It helps ensure the final product fits with users’ needs, wants and cultural norms. It also increases the likelihood of finding the best solutions. However, the process of incorporating Contextual Design into projects can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there are tools that can help […]

Five basic tips for investing in real estate

There are many things to learn in Real Estate before you start investing. In fact, investing in Real Estate is much more complicated than investing in stocks. That is why real estate has become the common investment area for many people and has therefore become more popular over the years. One needs to have financial and legal knowledge before investing […]

NBA Best/Worst Games: December 4-10, 2005

sunday (4/12) Better: Celtics @ Knicks: The Knicks, especially at home, never call games over. If they are eliminating teams or vice versa, they return or allow a return. While Marbury and Pierce may be the main attraction, there are a lot of great up-and-comers in this game. Channing Frye is Rookie of the Year so far, and Al Jefferson […]

Corporate gifts – Tips and sensible gift ideas

With the widespread expansion of private business since the 1950s, a new phenomenon of corporate gifting has emerged. It has metamorphosed both the trend and the style of business. Many companies have sprung up in the business sector. Due to the same, more and more people are taking jobs in this sector. This is the reason why corporate gifts have […]