What cooking oil should I use?

Most contemporary recipes call for “extra virgin olive oil”, in a vain attempt to appear “healthy”, “healthy” and “elegant”. I select my cooking oils based on what I am preparing. If I’m sautéing, browning, or wok frying, I use oils that have high smoke points. What is a smoke point? Each oil has its own “smoke point”, which is the […]

Turbulence Training Review: Quick and Effective Workouts

Last summer I entered the Turbulence Training transformation contest and won second place for my transformation. I now have a platinum membership and full access to all Turbulence Training workouts. During my transformation I used the Turbulence Training Fat Loss Manual which contains over 6 months of workouts. I used the intermediate training and the 2K4 training from the manual. […]

Ice Cream Trailer Equipment Guide

The trailer, van, or ice cream truck is known for its musical chime as you cruise the block of your local neighborhood. Both children and adults enjoy these frozen treats and now anyone can enjoy the benefits that come with it. There are many variations of the concession trailer, but most agree that they are eye-catching – no doubt everyone […]

The best invention of all time: the rice cooker?

If you’ve ever cooked rice for dinner on top of the stove, then the answer to the question “is the rice cooker the greatest invention of all time?” is an obvious “yes”. There is nothing worse than having rice, cooked on top of the stove, boil on the sides of the pot and on the stove. The job of cleaning […]

The stair climbing cart

A stairlift cart helps you move your heavy luggage up or down with minimal effort. It does so with a distinctive three-wheel design that spins and levers your load. Characteristics It has a triple wheel design, with one wheel on either side of its base arranged in a triangular prototype. Some cars have a locking system on their wheels that […]

Six best tricks to lose weight

Like everything else in life, there are also certain tricks that can be very useful to lose weight in addition to your hard work and effort. If you want to lose weight, you have probably tried many different things that may not produce the results you expected. Do not give up! In this article we give you some tips to […]

stay Hungry Stay Foolish

It is a fact that when you are hungry, you become foolish about things, the more knowledge you acquire and the more successful you are. But the more you learn and do, the more you feel like you don’t know much. The reason is that there is too much to possibly know. But in that is your power. So what […]