Caring for your Shetland pony

A Shetland Pony is probably one of the most interesting horse breeds out there. When children see a Shetland Pony, they immediately want one. When adults see them, they want one too, but they may not admit it. But everyone loves Shetland ponies. Where do Shetland ponies come from? They originated from the Shetland Islands of Scotland. They can subsist […]

Watch and keep going! Narcissists never apologize!

When I think about the past (for example) and when I look at the present, there are some constants, some things that are the same in different situations, during different periods of time. So how do you assess the authenticity of a friendship or any relationship over time? What are the things we can see that are “red flags” in […]

The best antivirus program: list of attributes to look for

With so many antivirus programs available on the market today, which one should you get? This article will look at some of the qualities to look for in good antivirus software and some of the factors to consider when trying to choose the best antivirus program for protecting what may be one of your most valuable possessions: your computer. Here […]

Call center options for businesses

From voicemail to live response and fax services, a call center can bring many benefits to businesses. Since they work for many companies at once, their prices are much lower than hiring one or two people to be available on your company phones. Those who answer the phones are trained to take messages and receive enough information to answer common […]

What is shipped outside of China?

We think you’ll agree that logistics and shipping volume play a vital role in the success of an eCommerce business. Both measure the health of one’s own business as well as the economic growth of a country; the more shipments, the better economy. Delivery services vary in cost from country to country, but they share a common goal: to deliver […]

shanti virabhadrasana

My favorite yoga pose is called “peaceful warrior.” In this pose, your front leg is bent and points aggressively forward, but your top hand is stretched back in a gesture of surrender. It is a difficult pose because of its contradictions: forward and backward, assertive and passive. Even the name, “peaceful warrior,” is a contradiction, one that I resonate with. […]

How to Win an Overtime Lawsuit

Unpaid overtime cases arise under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), the federal law that generally provides for time and a half overtime pay. To win an unpaid overtime case, you must prove three (3) basic elements by a preponderance of the evidence: (1) who was employed by the defendant during the time involved; (2) that your work was engaged […]

History of e-book readers and beyond

The oldest digital library, Project Gutenberg, was founded in 1971. The first digitized work created by Project Gutenberg was the Declaration of Independence. Project Gutenberg is still going strong today with over 100,000 titles and 30,000 available for free. Digitized books were great, but they had to be read on a computer. Then, in 1998, the first portable e-book readers […]

Oneglia and Porto Mauritius

In Oneglia and in Porto Maurizio there are two grandiose buildings. SAN GIOVANNI BATTISTA PARISH CHURCH This church, built in the middle of the 18th century, was a demonstration of Oneglia’s great political and economic success. The construction made it possible to unite in a single building the medieval structure of the old parish church and the pilgrims’ hospital. Even […]