Voice technology is the future: Google Assistant

Google recently demoed their Assistant to make a phone call and help you book an appointment for a haircut. When the conversation was overheard, the discussion sounded as if two people were talking together, whereas in fact online there was not a live person, but an ‘AI-powered Assistant’ that sounded more or less like talking to a real person. In […]

How do you love

The English language uses a single word to express the broad spectrum of the meaning of love: from “I love you” to a passionate declaration to the signing of a casual letter as “much love.” The Greeks defined love in more sophisticated terms such as Eros (intimacy and passion), Ludus (joy), Philia (camaraderie), Pragma (lasting love), Agape (love for all), […]

PlayStation 4 latest news: you may still be able to buy a PS4 before Christmas

Are you trying to buy the PlayStation 4 game console before Christmas? So unknowingly, you may have joined a group of millions of gamers who might currently be experiencing “learned helplessness” from reading this. According to Dr. Martin Seligman (an American psychologist), learned helplessness is a psychological condition in which human beings stop all goal-seeking behavior due to a perceived […]

Find out how online college classes work

It is no secret that more and more people are searching the Internet for a convenient way to further their education. Online classes are a great way to earn an accredited college degree from home and continue working a full-time job. Many times, a student can attend classes from their computer and schedule those classes based on their work. Some […]

Get Microsoft Office setup and experience all about the best features

This knowledge base will help Microsoft Office users to purchase a subscription to activate Microsoft Office settings on Windows or Mac. First of all, we need to purchase Microsoft office settings according to our requirements and usage. Therefore, the office configuration is available in four different packages. a) Home or Personal: Within this package, you get four different flavors. Office […]

How to Leverage Kindle Unlimited to Market Your Books

If you’re a seasoned author already racking up sales and new readers, or just dipping your feet into the vast waters of the desktop publishing industry, the idea of ​​making your books available through Kindle Unlimited (KU) has no meaning. Doubts. crossed your mind. The real question is, should I or shouldn’t I? Is there a clear advantage for you, […]

Password Recovery on Cisco ASA Security Appliance

In this article, I will explain how to perform a password “reset” on your Cisco ASA security appliance. The most commonly used term for this procedure is “password recovery”, left over from the days when you could see passwords in configuration files in plain text. Today, these passwords are encrypted and not really recoverable. Instead, you will gain access to […]

Psychology of daily life: five essential elements "Street smart" Tips for Success in Life

Five practical tips for success in life … Have you ever noticed that some people without any education end up in the same profession as those who had received extensive training? And … listen to this … some of those “college dropouts” became millionaires, and spread light years beyond their educated peers! You might think it’s some kind of accident […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Article

SEO can be a confusing business for most people. Even many of the so-called experts can have a hard time keeping a website at the top of the search engines. First … search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in an effort to provide you with the most relevant website listings for your search query. Search engines also change their […]