SMS Marketing Strategy: Its Key Benefits

Nowadays, there are different modes of communication such as radio, telephone, television, telegraph, newspaper, email and fax. However, they are not reliable or affordable as a short message service. Global SMS revenue is estimated to exceed the US$150 billion mark for the first time in 2013. Among different modes of mobile communication, SMS remains king with traffic expected to reach […]

Support for Microsoft and its benefits

Microsoft is the largest PC manufacturer in the world today, and its list of additional PC hardware components adds to its sales and its status as a leader among the rest. The competitive prices and the use of the latest advances in technology are some other features that add to its popularity and the provision of quality services. Products manufactured […]

11 best sunbathing tricks for a perfect tan

While most of us fake our tan, there are plenty of reasons why people love the sun. Applying a tan increases serotonin levels, which helps reduce anxiety. Tanning will also produce vitamin D which is healthy for skin, teeth, and bones. However, you should know how to enhance and prolong your tan without damaging your skin. In this way you […]

SMS-Based One-Time Password: Risks and Protection Tips

As the digital world has evolved, so has the need to protect customer identities. Today’s customers expect a secure experience from organizations. The increasing use of cloud-based services and mobile devices has also increased the risk of data breaches. Did you know that overall account hacking losses increased 61% to $2.3 billion and incidents increased up to 31% compared to […]

Alexa Ranking: Does It Matter? How to improve it

I was searching SEO forums on ways to improve my Alexa rank, I was surprised when I found that SEO people are not interested in Alexa rank. I read answers like “what would you need that for? It’s not that accurate, so it’s silly to do anything about it.” but there’s more than one reason to show that Alexa rank […]

Mobile trailer repair problems? No problem

Do you operate a truck and trailer in or through Winnipeg on a regular basis? Whether you live here or not, you can take advantage of cheaper cell phone repair rates than some of the larger cities, like Alberta or Ontario, if you know where to find a great store. First, let’s take a look at some of the trailer […]

How to find loan companies near you

It can happen to anyone, no matter how well you budget. You’re approaching payday and suddenly, out of the blue, the car breaks down, the heat fills up, or you’re faced with some other type of emergency expense you just didn’t expect. The traditional way people dealt with this situation was to look in the newspaper or phone book to […]

Chronicles of Madness – Episode 33

In our 33rd episode of Madness Chronicles, we’ll take a look at the bizarre coincidence madness of the elections 2020. Remember, insanity is a state of serious mental illness, extremely foolish behavior, and a state of frantic or chaotic activity. Let’s take a look at some strange coincidences from the 2020 election. President Donald Trump received 11 million more votes […]

Tips for choosing your first drone

Let’s talk about the two most common methods to get into the quadcopter craze. Initially, we will cover popular micro or toy grade models and then discuss potential upgrade models like the DJI Phantom and other popular hobby class quadcopters and drones. Another way to discover quad flying is to purchase a micro quad. These are small quads that look […]