Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Candida

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an extremely common and controversial childhood disorder characterized by a variety of behavioral health problems. Children diagnosed with ADHD have difficulty paying attention and staying focused, lack impulse control, and are extremely hyperactive. Not all of these symptoms need to be present for a child to have ADHD. Some children exhibit only the symptoms […]

How is fish medicated?

ROUTES OF ADMINISTRATION CURRENT This usually involves applying a paste / gel to an external lesion (for example, applying diluted Betadine to a bacterial skin infection). Dad (i.e. by injection) Intramuscular (IM) This is the most widely used method for injecting antibiotics. Aim for the muscle block just ventral and caudal to the dorsal fin. The needle should be placed […]

Symptoms of a yeast infection in men

FIRST! What is a PENIS / PENIS YEAST INFECTION? Well a yeast infection on the penis / penis (or whatever they call it) comes from a yeast-like fungus called Candida and is also known as candidiasis. A sign of male yeast infection usually appears ON THE PENIS. One symptom is that the tip of the penis may become red, sore, […]

Pneumonic toxic headaches explained

Toxic pneumonic headaches are a type of vascular headache, you’ve probably never heard of before. During a vascular headache, the blood vessels in the tissue around the head swell or dilate and become distended (deformed). This causes severe pain that increases with physical exertion of any kind. Pneumonic headaches are relentlessly throbbing vascular headaches and can be as blinding and […]

England in the first millennium: hygiene, bathroom and how to deal with fleas

The word “hygiene” in the first millennium, certainly among Anglo-Saxons, was an oxymoron. For example, people dug latrine pits outside the back of their houses, seemingly unproblematic by the smell, which would have mixed deliciously with their animal droppings and similarly spicy perfumes. The flies, of course, must have had a picnic. A good homeless man in the latrines, followed […]