Florida Win avoids the BCS nightmare

The big question everyone is asking is: what happened to the state of Ohio? Everyone talks about how the Gators defeated the Buckeyes to win the 2006 BCS college football championship. The Gators seemed to be in a different league than the Buckeyes. And the truth is that they are. The final score of 41-14 makes the match look closer […]

Heisman Odds: 12 great quarterbacks rule the odds

Using Malversports odds as a barometer, it appears the Florida Gators’ Tim Tebow has significant work to do if he is to become the first player to win consecutive Heisman Trophy awards since Archie Griffin in 1975. The happy, left-handed quarterback He entered the 2008 campaign as the 3-1 Malvernsports favorite to be called by name at Downtown Athletic Club […]

Brett Favre Backups: Over the Years

Often times when a great player plays quarterback for a franchise for a long time, it is interesting to see who played as a backup for him. Who became your own starting quarterback? Who had started elsewhere but was ending their career here? Here we see backups for Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre through the years. 1992: Brett joins […]

The Cairn Terrier in Hollywood

Movies and television have featured animal actors for nearly a century. Moviegoers and television programming fans alike respond to animals in the roles of their favorite movies. Equines, felines and even a special killer whale have reached our hearts and homes through the big and small screen, but no animal has had as much impact on Hollywood as the dog. […]

16 eco-friendly ways to recycle old memory foam mattress pads

Most memory foam mattress covers have a useful life of only 5 years. After that, the foam loses the ability to regain its shape and gradually begins to sag. Many people change the mattress topper after this period, that means there is quite a bit of waste out there. Instead of increasing your carbon footprint, what can something greener do? […]

JT Thomas inducted into the Minor League Soccer News Hall of Fame

James “JT” Thomas, former linebacker for the West Virginia Mountaineers, will be inducted into the Minor League Soccer News Hall of Fame on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at the Oasis Resort Hotel & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada. Thomas’ nomination was reviewed by the MLFN Board of Directors, and he received notification of his acceptance on July 30. “It is truly […]

New Hairstyle Design: The Gym Hair Trends!

Do you want to know how you can feel comfortable and look good while sweating? Well here is the answer. If you have short hair, you are lucky because you have one less thing to worry about, and that is taking care of your hair when you exercise. But for those with long hair, it’s a major hassle trying to […]

Importance of the website for the proper functioning of a company

Face-to-face contact in the business world is rapidly being replaced by online transactions, and thus the internet has become the platform for lions to engage in global business today. Since the Internet is not limited by geographic and political boundaries, it becomes much more convenient to conduct business online. Having a website to run and promote business is fast becoming […]

Fundamental dynasty: the San Antonio Spurs and the Moneyball theory

Most people believe that the “Moneyball” theory cannot work in the NBA because of the high level of star maintenance, individual talent, and sometimes the lack of a team concept. Yet what professional sports show time and again is that the reasons for team success are sometimes overlooked. The “Moneyball” theory is a term conceptualized by Oakland A general manager […]

USC: Even when they’re bad, they’re amazing

Wow, what nonsense the USC Trojans put up against the Oregon Ducks last Saturday in Eugene. The offense didn’t fit in at all in the first half, the defense’s coverage and tackle was average at best. The rumor on the various sports forums and news sources I was browsing at the time was tense (many of which pointed to USC […]