Can a motorcycle club founder be fired?

Motorcycle clubs are institutions whose members commit to lifelong brotherhoods united by a shared passion for motorcycle riding culture and membership in an all-encompassing outer family. The local environment where various MC nations frequent is known as the MC Set. The Complex comprises all of the clubhouses, bars, parks, meeting places, and other areas of operations where these clubs meet, […]

Top 10 Budget Smartphones for 2015

With Android and iOS dominating the smartphone operating system market; HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and of course Apple have all closely attached their names to the devices. Google is playing on its list of Gmail, Google Play, Cloud, and Calendar apps. The iPhone is giving all in one with its App Store. If you crave one, you don’t need to budget […]

2017 VW Tiguan Review for Palm Springs Volkswagen Dealers

So every parent considering a new vehicle usually has one important question before all others, and it’s this… How safe is the VW Tiguan for 2017? There are 7 stability enhancement technologies designed to increase the safety rating on the new 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan. – Electronic Brake Pressure Distribution (EBD) which aids proper braking power needed in a hard braking […]

20 ways to stay fit with minimal effort

Getting in shape is not an easy task. It can take weeks or even months of hard training and paying attention to what you eat. Staying in shape can be even more difficult. It is very common to see people reach their fitness goals and then quickly abandon their new healthy lifestyle, leading them to reverse all that progress they […]

stop identity theft

The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity fraud occurs once every two seconds. Someone right now is losing or compromising their identity. Unfortunately, many of those victims are in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. A good example of this growing problem, St. Louis ranks third among all metropolitan areas nationally in identity theft. Missouri also ranked first ahead of […]

FR44 Insurance in Florida: Common Questions with Complete Answers

When did the Florida FR44 insurance filing go into effect? What are the necessary requirements for one? What types of policies qualify for compliance? As of October 1, 2007, a person convicted of DUI in Florida must maintain higher limits of vehicle accident liability coverage. The minimum amounts are $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident for bodily injury liability, and […]