The article marketing method is used by novice (as well as intermediate and advanced) search engine marketers to get unique backlinks from different domains to a website. The goals are to increase your page rank and decrease your Alexa rank as viable traffic indicators.

In the competitive world of optimization, it is often necessary to use content marketing services to obtain the quantity of articles necessary to compete with robust companies. Alternatively, you can just dig deep and start a promotional program that spans the months of writing your own articles and submitting them to various outlets.

Considering that blogging comments can be considered a slowly fading technique and guest blogging is more intensive than many can handle, article marketing to improve Alexa ranking is the only remaining free method it gives you. the most control in your SEO designs.

Article content writing sometimes gets a bad rap; And rightly so, given the wrong ways most people use it. Search engines don’t rate it as highly as they did the best, as directory article writing has given way to guest blogging. The continued production of SPAM using poorly written articles is the main reason behind the reluctance of some of the major article directories to accept hastily written articles; however, smart use of content marketing services can produce articles that are timely and relevant.

Using tools like a content marketing service can help you keep up with producing good articles, as well as function as a source of new ideas and posts to build on. Then comes the submission to article directories in order to create quality backlinks.

Keep in mind that article marketing has two purposes: to attract visitors to your websites and to inform them directly (providing something of value) in copy. It’s okay if they leave without continuing on your site; your message is available, and if the article is well written, they will probably bookmark it for a future visit.

Also, it is instructive to have a notepad of unique ideas near your writing space; never now when article ideas can hit you as you search the web. efforts.

The first step is to try to get your Alexa value below a million; For reference, the absolute best sites have a value below ten thousand. By the time it hits a hundred thousand, your site will probably be quite lucrative.

A word of warning for newbie SEO: never, ever use an article rewrite for guest blogging or article marketing. Although this search engine optimization technique is similar to article marketing, the added emphasis on the quality of targeted content makes even highly accurate article rewriting a dubious tactic to avoid. Search engines have just passed on this shoddy technique, and rewriting doesn’t work for any reason – you’re just wasting money and littering the internet with garbage.

Guest blogging opportunities are rare, so it’s always worth making sure you’re doing your best. Reading the blog of the person you want to approach for a direct article marketing opportunity is the recommended way to get the very high quality links available from this specific technique. In the end, these are the things that will build your reputation and get your blog highly rated in no time.

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