Renault recently introduced its GT-Line to the South African market. This 3-cylinder Renault Clio variant features a range of additions to offer more sportiness, playfulness and ease of driving. The new Clio has a 6-speed manual transmission and is powered by a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine, producing a minimum of 88 kW and 205 Nm of torque.

Charming and attractive exterior

This Renault sports a fresher and more tenacious appearance. The exterior features take a step away from the other Clio models, towards a more attractive and sportier look with a range of new and exciting equipment.

The new Clio GT models enjoy a distinctive new bumper design, with playful sport hollows, impressive LED headlights and curved daytime running lights. Another great feature is the 17-inch alloy wheels, finished in titanium gray, which carry over to the door bumpers and rear diffuser in titanium gray; a chrome exhaust pipe and mirrored furnishings that follow the vehicle’s body color. Renault has truly struck an excellent balance between active “curb appeal” and refined, attractive design, something that very few B-segment mid-range hatchbacks can boast.

Well designed and done interior design

The Clio GT-Line has an eye-pleasing interior design, with well-crafted and distinct vent trim and blue trim.

The active appeal of the GT is visible even in the cabin of the vehicle, with generously bolstered sports seats, consisting of a fabric and leather material, with recognizable embroidery. The seats are comfortable and leather-stitched with touch, gear stick, handbrake and RS steering wheel with blue to complement the contrasting monochrome scheme of the rest of the interior.

Standard technology features include a 7-inch infotainment MediaNav touchscreen system, offering ease and utility, USB and auxiliary capabilities, and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity capabilities. The touch screen can control your driving and offer helpful tips for saving fuel. The Clio GT-Line also comes with a height-adjustable driver’s seat; cruise control; power windows in the front and rear; a multifunction steering wheel; Power folding side mirrors and manual air conditioning. Lastly, it has an Eco button, which can help reduce fuel consumption by prioritizing fuel efficiency.

As for the safety features of the GT-Line, it comes with 4 airbags, hill start assistant, ABS brakes with EBD, electronic stability control (with traction control) and emergency braking assistant. A rear parking distance control is also included, as well as rear seat mounts for ISOfix child seats.

Useful and practical accessories

The GT-Line is pragmatic: it offers convenient utility with a 300-liter boot. Lowering the rear seats, which have a 60:40 split, can increase luggage space. The large cargo capacity comes at a small sacrifice: the larger cargo area leaves less legroom in the rear. The slightly reduced rear legroom is not too much of a concern and is worth the increased luggage space of the Clio GT-Line, which is more than the Opel Corsa, at 285 liters, and the Ford Fiesta, at 276 liters.

Additional storage offered includes bottle holders on all four door trims, as well as two cup holders at the front of the vehicle; an additional storage compartment “behind” the gear lever; and an open corner in the dash, just above the glove compartment.

Excellent performance and exciting driving.

The Clio GT-Line sees a notable improvement in its performance, compared to the previous GT-Line derivative. The 1.2-liter turbocharged engine produces 205 Nm of torque and 88 kW of power, so it certainly provides enough power to live up to the “sporty look” of the Clio GT-Line. It can pick up speed quickly, when driven with determination, and has great maneuverability, with minimal downshifting required.

The driving experience of the new Clio GT-Line is pleasant and satisfying. The cab allows for minimal engine and road noise, even on rougher surfaces. To further add to the pleasant ride quality, the new GT-Line offers excellent steering feel and confident handling. The Clio GT-Line is not only powerful, fun and exciting to drive on the highway or winding road, it is also competent to deliver a comfortable driving experience on a day-to-day basis.

Final remarks

The Clio GT-Line is a charming, yet forceful and energetic alternative to the run-of-the-mill 1.0-liter 3-cylinder vehicles on the market. It offers great performance, ride quality, an overall satisfying driving experience, and an opulent, well-designed and well-equipped interior.

Bottom line: the new Renault Clio GT-Line should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for a more stylish, powerful and affordable option than a hot hatch.

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