There’s no question that Verizon is definitely making a name for itself because of all the great deals it can offer consumers. In addition, it has built a large following of consumers who refer Verizon to their family and friends. Thus, growth has become a mere feat for Verizon. Not only are they getting an edge over their competition, they have surrounded everyone with their brand. Their marketing campaigns are one of the most popular campaigns and they are definitely eye-catching. It’s almost impossible not to talk about the ad campaigns for the wonders they did for the company. It is these campaigns that led Verizon to become one of the biggest names in communications. The campaigns not only brought them more money and fame, but they also brought with them many partnerships with organizations that support social causes. All of this combined led to Verizon becoming the great corporation it is today and one that people trust as their go-to brand for their new devices.

However, the rapid growth of any business promises at least some mistakes. For any errors that may have occurred at the Verizon endpoint, the company has created a portal where consumers can contact Verizon Technical Service. There are many ways you can get help when you need it. There are five ways that Verizon offers its customers technical assistance. The first is obviously a Verizon support number that people can call. The second way to get in touch is through Verizon Email Support. The third way is the official Verizon website, which is fairly easy to navigate. The fourth way is through its app, conveniently called My Verizon, which consumers can download to their iOS and Android devices. The last way to get technical support is to visit the store closest to you.

Asking for support

While calling tech support seems pretty outdated in the 21st century, it’s sometimes necessary because that may be the only option available for some emergency reason. Verizon recognizes that and has created an easier way for people to call for technical assistance. The communications giant has created a special four-character phone number for general inquiries. These inquiries can include things like finding your balance, making a phone payment, tracking your phone usage, and even learning about some of the other features on offer. If you need more advanced help that is not covered in these general inquiries, there is a standard phone number you can call + 1-800-982-1502.

Sending email for support

Verizon email support is a fairly standard option available to consumers. Although the emails are almost as out of date as physically calling technical support, it is a good option. Some people not only prefer to send emails for support and information, but it is also very necessary for a company to offer it.

Navigating the website

The website is designed to perfection with the best customer experience in mind. It is very easy to access and navigate. You can find everything you are looking for without problems. The general website is divided into three main tabs. These tabs are Wireless, Residential, and Commercial. The basic needs of your phone can be met in the Wireless tab. Since Verizon has expanded its services to more than just a phone network, it helps to be able to see the options that apply to you and your devices. If you are looking for an internet connection for your home, you can go to the Residential tab. If you are looking to buy a corporate plan for all the staff in your company or if you are looking for an email connection for your office, you can simply go to the Business tab. This category breakdown really helps if someone is in a hurry. Not only that, but it also gives a more organized feel to the entire website. You can find almost every possible feature on the website such as changing your plan, updating your email, transferring device content, etc.

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