There are a host of new worlds, cities, dungeons, people, professions, and mounts in Burning Crusade. In addition, this expansion introduces some new features that will enhance the already spectacular WoW gaming experience. Find out what you can do to prepare your account for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade.

Also, many gamers wonder how Burning Crusade affects the current WoW game. Many seem to wonder whether or not it is really worth reaching the highest rank in PvP, or getting exalted in other factions, or even getting the newest and most powerful gear. Of course, if you have fun doing some or all of these things, keep doing what you’re doing. After all, having fun is what the game is all about.

However, some may prefer to start from level 1, or prepare your level 60 for the expansion, so that you only have to level up in BC to 70, which is available in the expansion. Also, the dungeons in BC have been designed by Blizzard to be extremely challenging. What will happen is that, as you level up, you will navigate all the points of Outland on the default difficulty. Also, you will get your level appropriate gear and your challenge difficulties will be appropriate for your current state.

However, when you hit 70, your party leaders can choose to play the dungeons on Elite difficulty. Therefore, the challenges will be appropriate for a level 70 party and the rewards earned will reflect this. All of these dungeons will be winged and designed for five players. The old dungeons of WOW will remain the same, as far as it is known.

Another point is that in BC, leveling up is more challenging because the XP requirements for each level are much higher. For example, let’s say you go to level 62, but you don’t need to advance with 700k XP instead of the 500k XP that was previously required.

Also, you can finish missions for a particular zone and still need more XP, so you have to push yourself to progress. Of course, some people don’t mind this. There are also those players who claim that there will be enough missions in each level to minimize grinding. Lastly, some players may find alternate missions tedious, or they may not have time for them or for overexertion.

Others may look to other people or companies to acquire a high-level World of Warcraft account, which can be a very good option. Saves time and lets you have what you want most: fun.

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