roperty That’s Right For You in Glasgow

Once you’ve secured your place at university or college, you can finally start planning for the exciting new chapter of your life ahead. Choosing where you’ll live should be one of the first things on your list. Thankfully, Glasgow has a wide range of student accommodation to choose from, whether you’re going for luxe city centre flats or budget-friendly student houses. But with so many options, how do you know which one’s right for you?

There are two main types of Glasgow student accommodation: official university halls and private accommodation. Official university halls are typically owned and run by the university itself. They’re often cheaper than private student houses, but they’re also likely to be more structured and offer better facilities, like onsite laundry rooms, gyms, games rooms and saunas (you can see what we mean in our top 10 list of luxury student accommodation).

Private student housing takes the form of individual student apartments or houses that are privately owned by landlords but let out to students. This is normally a good option if you’re moving with friends, as it can be easier to find a group of flats that have enough rooms for everyone. But the downside of this is that it’s harder to get in touch with your landlord if something goes wrong, and some landlords have a bit of an undeserved reputation for not being super considerate of students’ needs.

Find a Property That’s Right For You in Glasgow

A savvy way to avoid this is by finding a letting agent that specialises in student property. These letting agents will usually ask you to fill in a form on their website that details what sort of student accommodation you’re looking for, and will then email you with properties that are suitable. You can also try contacting local estate agencies, such as Cairn and Happy Lets, who are run by former students and therefore understand what the student experience is really about.

Getting to grips with the different kinds of Glasgow student accommodation is key to finding the perfect home for your studies. Having your pick of great student homes means you can spend less time travelling, and more time focusing on your studies.

Furthermore, student accommodations can offer career development programs and workshops that equip students with essential skills for their future careers. This may include sessions on resume writing, interview techniques, professional etiquette, and personal branding. By investing in these programs, accommodation providers contribute to students’ overall employability and professional growth.

If you’re keen to be a short walk from campus, George Street Apartments in the city centre is a good choice. These 89 modern studios are only a stone’s throw from George Square, where you’ll find a variety of bars, restaurants and shops. And the University of Glasgow’s central campus and The University of Strathclyde, and The Glasgow School of Art are all only a short metro ride away too.

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