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The last time I heard about a law firm in Toronto that specialized in Employment Law, I couldn’t help but ask what they did. It was the lawyer from the employment lawyer toronto┬áthat had won a major case for an African Canadian employee of McDonald’s Canada. That particular lawyer won his case because the Employment Practices Act dictated that McDonald’s had to hire a Black person to work in their restaurants. Fast forward eighteen months and three more Black people have been hired by McDonald’s.

This lawyer claims that he has already won cases for other employers with similar cases like this one at McDonald’s. He wouldn’t even tell me the name of his client in case I didn’t want to know who it was, but I’ll tell you who he says he works for: “I don’t have to reveal the name in front of my clients. If one of my clients asks me a question, I answer it. The client rarely asks me a question when he is hiring employees. In fact, he sometimes doesn’t even tell me the name of the employer until after an employee has been hired.”

What makes this guy’s case so unique? Well, there aren’t very many employment lawyers who are willing to go to bat for an African Canadian against a big multinational corporation. Why? Well, there isn’t much money to be made by going on a case like this. And most employers are afraid that such a case might be won in court and they would lose their jobs. Besides, there isn’t much public sympathy for these folks in America or Canada.

Employment Lawyer, Toronto on – Why You Should Hire One

But Sam Fordham LLP, Employment Lawyer, does not give up easily. He won the first case against McDonald’s. He has four more successes to his credit. And he just happens to be the only African Canadian Employment Lawyer in Toronto. How many others exist?

I am so glad that I have found such an excellent lawyer. I highly recommend him to anyone who might need an honest opinion on an unfair dismissal claim. Even if you think you don’t have a case, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

You can contact Sam Fordham LLP at 647-715-3138 Ext. 2850. He can provide you with some legal advice. Please contact him if you have any question regarding your employment rights.

Employment Lawyer Toronto on will fight for your rights and secure you a fair deal. Sam Fordham will fight for you and fight for what you deserve. Do not hesitate to contact him. He can tell you how to claim your benefits and make your life better. He is ready and willing to help. So, don’t worry about being fired.

There are many others like Sam Fordham and Employment Lawyer, Toronto on who fight for you every day. They are well equipped lawyers to represent you in getting what you deserve. Don’t wait for your redundancy date. Go and see one of the Employment Lawyers, Toronto on immediately.

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