From model ships to glass figurines, many people in the UK have treasured collections that they want to protect and display in a display case. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect display case for your irreplaceable items.

Tip #1

Consider your current décor. Regardless of what type of furniture you have, make sure the display case in your home complements it. There’s nothing worse than buying a cabinet for the wrong reason and then finding out it doesn’t “fit” with what you currently have. So, think twice before you pick up that “bargain” curio case.

Tip #2

Expand your horizons. Be sure to consider other types of living room display cases than the traditional freestanding type, especially if you have limited space. A wall-mounted corner display case, for example, is a great way to display your collection in a space-saving way. And if you have existing wall cabinets or shelving, see if the manufacturer offers a wall cabinet to match what you have.

Tip #3

Consider the style of your collection. Room display cases should not dominate a collection. Instead, they should improve it. If you have a collection of model sailing ships from the 19th century, for example, choose a cabinet in a traditional style that will give your collection a “vintage” feel. Regardless of the style, though, make sure your cabinet has adjustable shelves.

Tip #4

Consider alternate locations. Most people who want curio cabinets tend to want to place them in a living room or study. However, if you think creatively, you may be able to come up with an innovative way to display your collection. Here’s an idea: how about a display case built under a kitchen counter or island? Since the kitchen is the most used room in many houses, you will have more opportunities to see your collection if you are here.

A hall display case is a great way for UK collectors to display their treasures, big or small.

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