Find out your needs

The first step of any apartment search should begin with the prospective tenant carefully identifying all of their apartment needs. This list of needs will be different for each tenant. While some tenants are simply looking for a place to eat, bathe, and sleep, other tenants may be looking for a living space that serves multiple purposes, such as working, entertaining, and engaging in leisure activities or hobbies. In making this list of needs, the tenant must consider the options that he cannot live without, as well as the options that he wants to have but can live without. It is important to make this distinction because the renter will want to make sure that the apartment he chooses has all the features he needs and, ideally, some features he wants. However, an apartment that does not have all the required features can quickly become an uncomfortable situation to live in.

do your research

Once a renter has a good idea of ​​the basic features they are looking for in an apartment, they should start researching their options. The search for apartments can be done on the Internet, through the newspaper or through rental magazines. Renters can use one of these search methods exclusively, or they can combine some of the methods to form a custom apartment search strategy. The research phase will give the renter an idea of ​​the types of properties available for rent in the area.

comparison shop

The next step is the comparison shopping process. Basically, this involves visiting several different rental properties and touring these facilities. During the tour, the renter will get a good idea of ​​the options available, as well as the costs associated with these options. This is useful for two very important reasons. First, it gives the renter a good idea of ​​the types of apartments available within their budget. Second, it gives the lessee the ability to negotiate the price. Tenants who have evidence that other apartment complexes offer more favorable rental terms may entice another complex to slightly lower their prices.

ask for recommendations

Renters can also help themselves in their apartment search by seeking recommendations from trusted friends and family. These recommendations can be considered much more valuable than the recommendations offered by the apartment complex from previously satisfied tenants. It is important to note that the apartment complex is likely to only offer testimonials from tenants who were satisfied with their rental agreement. For this reason, opinions offered by friends and family are much more valuable because they have no vested interest in the rental property and are simply offering their honest opinion. Friends or family members who share your interests and personality traits can be very helpful in providing you with apartment recommendations because the chances are good that you will be satisfied with the apartment they recommend.

Check the Better Business Bureau

Finally, renters should consult the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​before making a final decision and choosing an apartment complex. This can be very helpful, especially if the tenant finds that a particular apartment complex has a number of unresolved complaints against them. While a lack of complaints isn’t necessarily an endorsement, it’s a good sign if the resort has been up and running over the years without a large number of unresolved complaints.


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