Organic Gardening magazine covers three aspects:

(1) History:

The year 1930 saw the launch of a company called Rodale Inc. The company has achieved one milestone after another over the years, becoming the largest publisher of any printed health and fitness material in the world! present!

During the 1940s, JI Rodale realized that organic gardening was also related to health and decided to raise public awareness through a magazine titled “Organic Farming and Gardening.” The first publication released by Rodale Press was in 1942.

Robert D. Rodale (JI Rodale’s son) took over the magazine after his father’s death in 1971. When the son was killed in a car accident in 1990, JI Rodale’s daughter (Maria) was named leader of the company. The title of the magazine was changed by Maria. It is now known as Organic Gardening magazine.

Even today, this magazine enjoys the highest popularity compared to other magazines dedicated to organic gardening! The magazine is published bimonthly and the annual subscription is 25 dollars.

The publication of Organic Gardening magazine is not just limited to the US; it is also published in the UK. Here, the magazine is available as a monthly issue and the cover price is £2.65.

There is no other magazine dedicated to organic gardens in the UK, except this one. Ask around and you’ll find the information in this publication: guides dedicated to in-depth knowledge of plant growth, education on all aspects of gardening, research studies, and insights and reviews. The tips presented are practical in nature.

Following the latest trends, a site on organic gardens has also been launched. It’s called The website is actually an online magazine about organic gardening that displays message boards, articles, clippings, and slide shows for gardeners.

(2) Organic Gardening magazine believes that organic gardening should be a fun activity even if the techniques used are not the same as those used in conventional gardens. Unlike normal gardens that believe in the use of synthetic materials, these gardens propagate the use of organic materials (natural resources). Everything published is authentic and the latest information.

(3) Delving into Organic Gardening magazine itself, each issue covers a variety of topics: increasing garden area, new hybrid varieties of vegetables, ornamentals, and helping plants survive in unusual places and climates.

Tips are presented only after thorough research has been done. It could be related to soil preparation, landscaping, wildlife gardening, and many other things. The bottom line is that all the information is very timely!

There are also features with interesting titles: Organic Gardening Solutions, The Bird-Friendly Backyard, Compost Corner, and Dig, etc. Readers say they can find “cool things to wear, views, and news” here! A section titled “Organic Watchdog” dwells on the policies put forward by the government. Political opinions are expressed here too! At least 4 to 5 items will do per season.

So gardening enthusiasts, make the most of Organic Gardening magazine to create a chemical free garden!

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