High bay lights are typically used for the highest open areas over 5 meters. These are designed for constant, bright, even illumination of a large open area. They are the most suitable for warehouses, industrial buildings, stadiums and commercial complexes, etc.


There are several advantages of these and some of the main advantages of LED High Bay Lights are outlined below:

Efficient energy

These high bay lights using LEDs are very energy efficient as these lights have a lower power consumption rate than the other sources. It offers the bright white lighting for a large open area, so it doesn’t require more bulbs/tubes in one place, just a couple of them is enough to release enough lighting.


The use of LEDs makes them cost effective as they are cheaper than the others on the market. If you replace your interior and exterior lights with LEDs, you’ll experience healthy savings on your electric bills.

longer life span

High bay lights have a longer lifespan than the others. Surprisingly they last almost 10 times longer compared to fluorescent and incandescent. Thus, indirectly reduce your lighting repair and replacement expenses.

Compatible for both indoor and outdoor

These lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The reason for this variety is to meet different types and sizes of lighting needs and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.


When it comes to the cons of LED High bay lights, there are a few and they are outlined below:

Initial setup cost is high

Your initial installation charges are higher than other competitive light sources. It is almost 2-3 times longer than most lights. That’s what makes them out of the budget for some consumers, since they don’t have that much money for cabinets or LED fixtures.

Sometimes darkens before its useful life

The longevity of the LED High bay depends on its quality. If you are using a cheap quality LED high bay it may fade before its stated lifespan. So, please go with a reliable LED high bay, downlights and cabinet manufacturer and supplier to buy LED high/low bay lights.

High cost of repair

These lights are not repairable as you can only replace them if they go bad for any reason. It is one of the drawbacks of LED lights. If you go for it to be repaired then it may cost more than new, so why would anyone prefer a repaired to new?


LED High Bay Lights are specially designed for open areas to cater for the requirement of constant bright white lighting. There are various pros and cons of these lights and you will learn about them in the post above.

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