Paint it up and turn your events into a circus

In the 19th century, PT Barnum earned his fame and fortune promoting “The Great Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan and Racecourse by PT Barnum. The show eventually merged and became Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, billed as “The greatest show on Earth. “ People flocked to their circuses and became a magnet for “Ladies, gentlemen, and children of all […]

How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings

It is something that buyers are embarrassed to see a preview of homes for sale. The dreaded (and outdated) popcorn ceiling. It is a job that, with a little time and effort, can be easily tackled by an owner. But, you can also hire a professional at a reasonable price. Having a smooth ceiling can make a big difference in […]

The Pros and Cons of Pet Mice

There are a few distinct benefits and also some definite downsides to keeping mice as pets. They are easy to care for, do not last long, and are easily stored in a small space. However, they are also nervous, do not last long, and in many cases, they are not very interactive. Mice can live quite content in a 10-gallon […]

The Versatility of Today’s Carriage House Plans

Originally, the term “carriage house” needed little explanation: it was a shed to house horse-drawn carriages. Today, however, the term has taken on a different meaning. Since the once ubiquitous carriage has little use in modern society, many of the carriage houses that were built before automobiles were common now have different uses. Many have been upgraded to serve as […]

Secrets of a Millionaire Owner – Book Review

By: Robert Shemin, ESQ. (2002) ISBN 0-7931-4825-1 Book Price: $ 28.95 Outstanding real estate investor Robert Shemin is a nationally recognized landlord expert in the US and is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who became a millionaire in his 30s by investing in real estate. Shem earned a law degree and an MBA from Emory University, Atlanta. He has […]

Real estate investment: books, TV infomercials and seminars

Real estate investing has become popular today due to television real estate investing infomercials and traveling seminar circuits. But real estate investing has not always been so popular. In the 1960s, William Nickerson wrote: “How I turned $ 1000 into three million in real estate” and “How to make a fortune today from scratch.” It was one of the first […]