Memory is stored outside the body

Science News Magazine February 3, 2018, “People tend to think of memories as ephemeral and deeply personal possessions – fragments of emotions, words, colors and smells stitched into our unique neural tapestries as life progresses.” One of the most entrenched explanations today places engrams (memories) directly within synapses, connections where chemical and electrical messages move between nerve cells or neurons. […]

Iositane Choline Pills For Sale Online – Get All The Information You Need To Make A Good Choice

Iositane Choline Pills For Sale Online One way to increase the levels of inositol and methionine in your body is by taking L-methionine and inositol (also known as L-histidine). Both substances can be found in abundance in many sources including fish, seeds, grains, nuts, and mushrooms. While there are a few dietary supplements that combine both substances for better absorption, […]

Top 5 myths about the music business

If you are involved in the entertainment business, you have probably heard a few tales. The following is a list of some of the top myths about the music business. 1. People in the music business will help you with the kindness of their hearts. Facts: The music business is called the music business for a reason. It is a […]

Flow and kitchen design

Let’s take a look at some common food preparation flow plans that you will discover within the kitchen. The most basic and desirable flow plan is the straight line, also known as assembly line flow. Materials are constantly moving from one procedure to another in a straight line. This type of style minimizes recoil; Saves prep time and confusion about […]

The sporty Noble M12 GTO-3R

The Noble M12 GTO-3R – A Closer Look At This Sports Car Including Performance, Technical Data, Features, Rivals Comparison, History, Used Pricing from classic to modern CAR The Noble M12 GTO sports car was launched in 2000. Following its success, the company introduced the M12 GTO-3 in 2003, which included: An extensively tuned 3-liter Ford Duratec V6 engine, fitted with […]

How Disney’s Princess Tiana compares to Cinderella

One of the most classic Disney tales, Princess Cinderella, has a lot in common with the newest of Disney princesses. Princess Tiana from the new movie, The Princess and the Frog, takes aspects of the exceptional story of Princess Cinderella and adds a refreshing, modern twist. Both stories begin with working young women. Cinderella works too hard, trying to meet […]

The power of purpose

“Whatever your age, if you learn to listen, your inner voice will tell you about your path,” writes oncologist Dr. Bernie Siegel in Peace, Love and Healing, his ‘work on earth’. This wisdom that directs you from within is your birthright … an inner message, an inner awareness that says, “This is your way, this is how you can be […]

Refresh a tired and aged face with PRP Vampire Face Lift

As we age, our skin loses its youthful glow because the blood supply to our face decreases and this causes our skin to lose its color, making it look dull. The texture of the skin becomes less smooth, the delicate skin under the eyes becomes thinner and we often end up with fine lines and wrinkles. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) […]

Law School Essay Exams: What to Memorize

Law students ask, “Isn’t law school more than just memorizing? The answer is clear: Absolutely! But should law students memorize? The answer is equally clear: Absolutely! Some professors mistakenly tell students that “law school is not about memorizing.” I say “wrongly” because law school IT IS about memorization … and much more. But for now, let’s focus on grades, and […]