The Blastocystis hominis parasite: where does it live to cause so much trouble?

The Blastocystis Hominis parasite is basically a microscopic parasite that is transmitted by the feces-oral-feces mode. That is why blastocystosis (the name given to the infection caused by this parasite) affects people who are exposed to poor hygiene and contaminated food or water. The main symptoms of the diseases are anal itching, diarrhea, excessive flatulence, weight loss, intermittent abdominal pain […]

Birth control pills: not everything you’ve heard is true

It seems that the same old wives’ tales of birth control pills are still popular today. These myths have been passed down from generation to generation and apparently nothing can remove them from the public consciousness. And while some may carry a grain of truth, most of them have been completely disproportionate over the years. One of the reasons young […]

The benefits of infrared saunas

Sitting in a sauna for a period of time will lead to sweating, which has many health benefits. Infrared saunas, specifically, are used for weight loss and relaxation. Infrared, a type of light, is used to heat objects in the sauna instead of air. The respiratory system of one is not exposed to high temperatures as in the conventional sauna. […]

Payroll services make the small business process easier

Small startups are too busy developing core strategies and managing workflow and customer relationships, which is why they often hash many important things that demand their attention. One of those aspects is payroll. Payroll is one of the fundamental parts of an organization. Several small businesses that are in their infancy overlook the importance of establishing a proper payroll department, […]

Snorkeling in Kauai

Diving in the crystal clear waters of Kauai is an exhilarating experience that will leave the swimmer spellbound for life. No prior experience is needed to snorkel and anyone can do it. Trained instructors are available on all tours. These tour operators provide the equipment for diving and make it the adventure of a lifetime. Snorkeling is a sport that […]

Beer, alcohol and hangovers

It probably happened to you too, after a long night with one too many drink, to feel the world spinning around you in the morning, to feel your head heavy and your stomach crackle. That was the moment when he cursed his life and promised himself that he would stop drinking. For good! However, it happened again, because he simply […]

Gluten-free Shabbat desserts

The perfect Shabbat dessert does not need to have wheat. There are many delicious gluten-free desserts, from plain to decadent, that you can safely enjoy! With a little creativity and experimentation, sweet satisfaction is on the way. When choosing an alternative Shabbat dessert, think about whether you are trying to create a gluten-free version of a recipe or are looking […]

Mermaids of Atlantis

On New Years Eve 2006, I asked to see Los Angeles. I closed my eyes and clearly saw my guardian angel, a beautiful female angel, standing on a beach. She smiled at me and pointed out to the ocean. She said, “Go swim with the mermaids. They will cleanse you of any negativity that you have accumulated over the past […]

My husband will not admit that our marriage is over, but he will not come home to save our marriage either.

I often hear from wives who feel like their marriage (and therefore their life) is in limbo. Often times, her husband has withdrawn from them and from the marriage. At times, the husband has even hinted at, suggested, or initiated a breakup or separation. The wife may assume that this means the marriage is over, but many husbands pause to […]