There are many people wondering about Candida tomato paste and how they are combined. Many diets tell you that you can eat tomato paste and the following diet will tell you that you can’t. So what is the truth about Candida tomato paste?

First, we must realize that tomatoes themselves are not bad when it comes to Candida or yeast infections. They are actually a very healthy food to eat and help fight a yeast infection. The problem is when we start consuming Candida tomato paste and other forms of tomato.

The first thing to keep in mind when talking about this topic is the shape of the tomato paste. Things like ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and sweetened tomato paste are not what you want to eat if you are trying to fight a Candida yeast infection. The reason this is true is because of the amount of sugars each contains. The Candida fungus thrives on sugar, so you need to make sure your Candida tomato paste doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, and preferably not at all.

The second thing we need to analyze is what your carbohydrate intake has been for that specific day as well. If you’ve already had 200 to 300 carbs that day, then you should completely avoid tomato and tomato paste, and especially spaghetti sauce and ketchup. If you’ve only had 50 to 100 carbs, you may be able to get away with eating tomato paste.

Honestly, until the fungus has healed, it’s best to avoid tomato paste altogether. Candida tomato paste is not a good match if you have failed to stop the fungus from spreading through your body. Especially if you are within the first 2 to 4 weeks of a cleansing diet.

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