If you have an ugly concrete wall and you want it to look like something from House Beautiful, you may need to think about a textured wall covering. These are paints specifically designed for concrete walls. These are generally referred to as “concrete paint” or “mortar paint.” They are also typically water-based and don’t have the associated toxic fumes found in oil-based acrylic paints that are designed for metal and wood surfaces.

These textured wallcoverings are a great way to not only protect the wall and those who live in the home, but they are also the great way to add the fabulous to an otherwise boring wall. In fact, there are now concrete paints that when applied, dry in different colors that are similar to the look of textured wallpaper.

These water-based paints are very safe and easy to use, they are water-based after all. In fact, all that is needed to clean the rotating brush is to wash it under running water, not with white spirit or paint thinners for acrylic paint which are very smelly and can be a health hazard. In fact, many find that by simply adding water to paint, they can already dilute it and make it easier to apply.

Textured paint can also help protect your wall from the elements, especially rain. It may be water-based, but they are the best protectors against rain and sun. These paints are made with additives that will guarantee it. These are also very resistant to algae and fungal growth. In fact, many basement walls made of concrete would benefit from painting as they can resist the growth of black fungus, a highly toxic plant that releases spores and causes health problems.

For those who have broken the walls, there is no need to despair. All you need is concrete textured wallcovering that is thick enough to cover flaws effectively. For larger cracks, all you need is a bit of fixing and two coats of paint. This will not only add freshness to the look of a dull gray rough wall, but it will also make life healthier and brighter for everyone in the home. With so many colors and textures to choose from, there is no way to miss out on a wide variety of paintings.

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