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Godparents often purchase angels to give to baptized children, thus giving symbolic meaning to the importance of receiving baptism as a guardian angel. Their abundance and variety these days would satisfy even the most demanding customer, from angels made of wax or clay to those made of crystal or even silver. There is also a wide range of prices, so when choosing an angel you must trust your taste and the size of your wallet.

Angel figures are also a popular choice for parents of the baptized child, who give them as a thank you gift to their children’s godparents or grandparents. And with the tradition of thanking guests with symbolic gifts becoming more and more established, parents often can’t do without little winged creatures when preparing them, either.


It is no secret that godparents wish their godchildren all the best, and above all good health and protection from misfortune, so that they may have a long and happy life. This is not something we can buy with money or fix by pulling the strings. All that remains is the hope that the guardian angel sent by God will convey his prayers to him and take care of the baptized baby responsibly. The selected cross should be consecrated during the baptismal ceremony and then kept in the child’s room or elsewhere. You can even revive the old tradition of hanging the cross over your little one’s bed. By the way, although a cross is a valuable addition to the gifts that godparents give their godchild, parents or grandparents can also choose to give the baby a cross, thus wishing him God’s blessing.

Prayer cards

A prayer card is a symbolic gift for special occasions, such as the sacraments of baptism, first communion or confirmation, or simply for family gatherings. During baptisms, parents often consecrate these cards in church and then give them to guests to thank them for attending their children’s celebration, as this is an inexpensive but meaningful gift. Because if you want to show the attention of your loved ones, you don’t necessarily have to buy something expensive. The gift can be small, as long as it is given from the heart, with a sincere wish that the recipient, their children, and their home be blessed by God and protected from trouble and misfortune.

These cards are usually made of paper and represent saints or religious scenes; They can be inscribed with your favorite verse, prayer, or a wish related to spiritual improvement.

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