Small ideas for the bathroom are available on the Internet. Most designers take the opportunity to renovate a small bathroom because it offers a great opportunity to test their skills in using space. Making a small room appear larger is a challenging prospect. But with the right ideas and creativity, a small bathroom can become a giant space full of opportunities.

The most important aspect of a small bathroom remodel is storage and organization. Careful planning in this area can literally double your bathroom space and add to your unique design in the process.

Nothing makes a bathroom seem smaller than clutter. Things like towels on the counter, a magazine rack by the toilet, statues, and bulky paintings should be reserved for the largest rooms in the house. This also includes the bathtub itself. Bottles of shampoo and soaps should be kept away from the edges of the shower and instead should be stored in an accessible location out of sight.

One of the best solutions for storage is cabinets, especially built-in cabinets that recess directly into the wall. This gives the bathroom additional space because it uses the area behind it. Protruding cabinets and vanities are huge wastes of space, so replacing them will only do wonders for your bathroom’s perceived spatial elements.

Adding a small closet can also help. For example, if you can store your towels in the closet instead of hanging them on a towel rack, the bathroom will seem more open and accessible.

This also applies to your actual bathroom amenities, such as the toilet and sink, the sizes of which can vary widely based on the personal tastes of the owners. Selecting a smaller sink and toilet will do wonders for the width of a bathroom. When working in small spaces like this, the little differences here and there can add up. Remember this when selecting your amenities.

Mirrors can literally double the perceived space of a room, which is why a large mirror is absolutely essential for a small bathroom. This is the only case where bigger is better, so look for a mirror whose size borders on the allotted space.

The color of the walls is also very important. Dark colors prevent light from reaching the corners of the wall, so it is best to select light colors whenever possible. For a small bathroom, white is ideal. But certain shades of blue, yellow, and lavender also offer an element of depth that is not possible with darker colors.

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