Shaker cabinets have been a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets for many years. This style has a timeless elegance, making it the ideal solution for renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

When looking for cabinets you will be presented with two types of doors, there are those with slabs and those with screens. The slabs are a solid piece of smooth wood, without details, simple, elegant and stylish. Shaker, on the other hand, has texture and personality, making it a classic cabinet that will be around for years to come.

The Shaker style is a more textured design, often looking like a square within a square, or a rectangle within a rectangle with a gap between the two. What makes this such a popular option is that it is timeless, will go with any kitchen design and will still look fantastic in twenty years or more.

No matter how modern your home is, this particular type of door can really enhance your kitchen or bathroom design, adding personality to the space and creating a “wow” factor.

Even better, the shaker-style cabinet comes in a wide variety of woods and color options. Those looking to create an environmentally friendly kitchen can choose from the spectacular bamboo options, while those looking for a good solid wood option can opt for the many other wood options available on the market including cherry, birch and oak, just to mention a few. few.

These doors can be varnished, left natural, or painted to match the style and finish of your kitchen or bathroom design. You will often notice that these are painted in white or cream, this light color enhances the space, making it feel airy and clean, a great asset in any room design.

The classic shaker system cabinet looks fantastic when integrated with granite countertops. The beauty of the doors combined with the natural stone makes them stand out. Because countertops are so flat and smooth, the versatility of cabinetry ensures your kitchen looks amazing.

For those looking to create an eco-friendly space, using bamboo for cabinetry and flooring is a step in the right direction, creating beauty at its finest. You can easily incorporate these timeless cabinets into any kitchen or bathroom design, just make sure you pick the right color scheme to enhance the space.

While these are still a classic, it is essential to make sure you only buy from a reputable supplier that is known for their reliability in the industry. Many homeowners choose ready-to-assemble cabinets, which allow them to assemble themselves or make it easier for their contractors.

These options are much cheaper than having cabinets made especially for you. They come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and wood options, ensuring you find what you want to blend in with your overall design.

Do some research online before making any decisions and see how mixer cabinets will blend in with your new kitchen or bathroom design. These are not for everyone, some people prefer the slab design, with smooth edges and clean lines.

There is no right or wrong when choosing your cabinets, just make sure they work within the space. A traditional and contemporary kitchen will definitely benefit from shaker options, while an ultra-modern gloss white kitchen will benefit from tile options.

Go and check out the different options in person, even if you’re ordering online, this will give you a clear idea of ​​what to expect when your renewal is complete.

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