You probably hear it all the time in the gym, “let’s do some sit-ups” or “let’s do some biceps.” You rarely hear an individual say “his triceps time.” Why is this? Outside of the world of bodybuilding, there is a stigma often associated with performing triceps exercises to increase muscle mass. People prefer to focus on the most popular muscle groups.

For men, it is almost ingrained in them from puberty. Guys tend to focus on two muscle groups, the pecs and the biceps. They firmly believe that these two muscle groups is what makes them more attractive to women, but it goes way beyond that, men may not say it, but they are trying to impress other men too. Think about what one of the most common questions a man asks another is in the gym … “How much do you do on the bench?” Little do these guys know that the true test of strength lies in one’s ability to perform triceps exercises.

A lot of people start lifting weights to get better at sports, but which sports really rely heavily on the pecs and biceps? Maybe soccer depending on the position played? I can’t really think of others. A full exercise routine with various triceps exercises will increase arm strength and generate more power in a multitude of sports. Anything with a swinging motion like baseball, tennis, or golf will benefit from focusing on the triceps. The same goes for sports that involve a lot of pulling or pushing, such as swimming or volleyball.

Men are not the only ones who suffer from triceps neglect, women are equally guilty. Women tend to focus a lot on the abs and lower body. Performing triceps exercises can help women by reducing the “arm jerk,” which gives them more self-confidence. An excellent self-test for women to see how much fat is in the upper arm region is to flex the muscle and then shake the arm. The part that shakes is the excess fat. It should be noted that women may have well-built triceps muscles that shake, but that is why it is important to flex the arm when testing.

Regardless of your gender, it is very important to provide your body with the necessary training it needs to receive a complete and complete workout. Neglecting just one part of the body can lead to injury or an unbalanced physique. Remember to use a variety of exercises to keep things interesting and stay motivated – doing this will allow you to reach your goals more quickly.

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