Everyone seems to be using Android these days. I know I did! But which is really better, the Droid or the iPhone?

I’m probably one of the few people who actually owned a Droid and an iPhone at the same time. Due to my job, I had to carry two phones. My personal phone of choice was the Droid, and my work gave me an iPhone.

Before I make any comparisons, let me tell you that they are both great phones, and I seriously doubt that you will be disappointed with either one. However, let me give you a few categories to compare so you can make an informed decision:


The availability of apps can make or break a smartphone. While both the Droid and the iPhone have a significant number of apps, the iPhone currently has many more apps than the Droid. However, having had both phones, the amount is not always equal to the amount, and I was almost always able to find a comparable Droid app that would do the same thing that the equivalent iPhone app would.

So when it comes to apps on Motorola Droid vs. iPhone Debate, I have to call it a tie. Although the iPhone has more, they both had the same type of applications.


The wireless service was really what made the difference for me when choosing a phone. Since the iPhone is still exclusive to AT&T, and I’ve had issues with their service in the past, I chose to use the Droid on Verizon. Verizon has a much higher quality score than AT&T when it comes to essentially all aspects of cell phone service. However, the actual service you receive may vary depending on where you live and the level of signal you can get.

I also like the fact that I could switch phone companies and still use my Droid.

Overall, the clear winner when it comes to service in the Motorola Droid vs. IPhone storyline – Verizon.


The Droid has a physical keyboard, while the iPhone does not. Personally, I love having a keyboard and I think it’s almost essential for anyone who texts or writes a lot of emails on their phone. However, many people could do without the keyboard and would like a smaller and lighter device, which the iPhone offers.

In addition, the Droid allows you to update the memory through a data card. The iPhone does not. This also for more storage space and makes it easier to transfer data from one phone to another.

I’ll give the Droid the win in this category, just because it has the data card, as some disagree with me in the keyboard debate.


Right now, the Droid is cheaper than the iPhone, and in general, the Droid’s service is about the same cost as the iPhone. However, this can vary depending on the promotions that may take place with any of the wireless carriers, so it is always good to check them first. In general, the cost of owning and using either phone will be roughly the same.

For this category, it’s really another tie.


So that’s two draws and two wins for the Droid. I wouldn’t call that a decisive win for the Droid, but it’s a win nonetheless. Some of you will still like the iPhone better anyway, so be sure to try both phones before buying anything, but if I was the one to choose between these two, I’d go for the Droid!

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