Sneezing & Strepsils

Can you eat your strepsils before, during and after pregnancy? There are some people who say no. There are also those people who say yes you can because there are some good things that come from eating your strepsils. In this article we will look at why it is ok to eat your strepsils and what things you should not do while you are pregnant.

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The first thing that a woman may ask herself is “can I eat my strep throat during pregnancy?”. The answer is yes you can but you must talk with your doctor first. Most people think they can go ahead and eat their strep throat right off. They realize that it is not good for the baby but the thought of not being able to taste it when they want to may not be appealing.

Your doctor may put you on a diet for a few weeks. The purpose is to monitor any changes in your diet which could affect your unborn child. A good diet for pregnant women is low in protein and high in carbohydrates. You can expect to lose about a pound a week as you start your pregnancy. After the first trimester you should be able to add more foods back into your diet and be able to go back to eating the same kinds of foods you have always enjoyed eating.

Is Sneezing & Strepsils Ok For Pregnant Women?

If you do decide to eat your strep clean it is important to cleanse it properly. It is best to use a natural system that is designed specifically for strep control. The best way to get your system clean is by taking a hot shower and rinsing off your strep with hot water. This rinses out the bacteria and virus that are in your system. After you have washed off your strep you need to lay your strep on a towel and let it air dry. You can then scrub the towel with hot water to get rid of all of the bacteria and virus that were left behind.

There are other benefits to feeding your baby with natural breast milk versus using formula. First of all you will find that your baby is more likely to be allergic to the formula than if you were using breast milk. secondly, your body will need stronger antibodies if you are pregnant and you will generally get sicker. Your body is not ready to handle having an infant yet. Lastly, you will find that you make more frequent trips to the doctor if you are pregnant and your body does need the extra vitamins and minerals. This can become very expensive.

It is important to not over worry about keeping your strepsils as clean as possible because the more clean you keep them the better your baby will be and the easier it will be for you to nurse. Always have your mother or father with you when you are washing your child and after the birth. Let your husband know if you are going to be busy or if you are going to be having any help. Also remember that you do not need to rush the process of cleaning your strepsils because this can be hard on your system. The best thing to do is make sure that you eat healthy and that you get plenty of rest.

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