Using a hot dog roller grill to cook delicious and different meals is a breeze, when you know how

There is a wide variety of foods that can be cooked on a hot dog grill. The hot dog itself comes in unique twists to the simple variety. You can cook a Cheesy Puppy or a Chili Cheese Puppy to mix things up a bit. We are going to explore delicious dishes to cook on a roller grill along with traditional hot dog products.

First is the category of sausages. You can make great tasting breakfast sausages on a roller grill. Take that a little more to hot dogs. They turn out great and come in a ton of different types for taste buds of all kinds. Johnsonville is a top-tier player when it comes to brats. You can find them at your local grocery store.

You’ve probably heard of the infamous “Bahama Mamma” made by Hot N Spicy. These cook wonderfully on your grill. They are a smoked sausage in the German style and they are delicious.

The next category would be the stuffed bread stix made famous by the Lettieri Company. This is a round bread dough wrap that comes in various styles. Mozarella, Philly Steak, Sausage & Egg, and Pepperoni are the best sellers. Take them out of the freezer and in no time you’ll have a tasty main dish that can be used on its own or as the center of the plate.

Tyson Foods has created its Crispitos brand of tortillas that come in a wide variety of selections. One of the tastiest is their Chicken Pot Pie Crispito … ummm delicious! They also make Crispitos with fruit filling and these are delicious too.

The taquitos are pioneers in the Don Miguel company and were created mainly for the roll-up grill. Your selection of Taquitos is sure to please the family throughout the day. If you are looking for quality and good taste, this company offers both products.

These suggestions are intended to provide alternative uses for your hot dog grill. If it’s round and the size of a hot dog, you can most likely use the grill to cook it. Always follow the manufacturer’s cooking instructions when using your hot dog grill. If it’s not round, you can also consider making it round as long as it sticks together during cooking.

Experiment and have fun cooking all types of food on your hot dog grill. These gadgets aren’t just for cooking hot dogs and you can get some great ideas on your next convenience store trip, too. Mozy go to your hot food area and look for food that you can reproduce at home or wherever you use your hot dog grill.

Your next party could be a breeze when it comes to preparing the food. Use some of the suggestions above and have a smorgasbord of different types of dogs, hotdogs, taquitos, and crispitos. Your guests will love them and think you spent hours in the kitchen preparing all this delicious food. Okay, we’ll keep your secret!

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