It is so easy to seek happiness without it. The internal dialogue goes like this: “I will be happy when I drive a new truck,” “I will be happy when I am in love with a new man,” or “I will be happy when I return to the body I had as a teenager.”

Looking outside does not bring happiness and then it is easy to fall into the garbage cans. The funny thing is that parents learned from their parents. So your negative self-talk could come from six generations ago. Now, if six generations ago your family was wealthy and cheerful, that would be truly magical. But if you are like many, six generations ago your family was in poverty and longed to escape to a new land. So to free yourself from unhappiness, take time to replace negative self-talk with upbeat, happy quotes.

Here is your happiness quote for today, an original happy quote.

Be of solemn joy. You are loved.

You can trust the happiness that is deep within you. You can trust him because he is your very essence. It does not belong to anyone else.

You can express happiness by giving your dog a warm bath. You can express your happiness by planting a garden for spring flowers to bloom. You may need to quickly bike downhill or hit the gym and swim.

You are not made of the same fabric as any other being on the planet.

If you can reach out, touch the sun with your heart. Stretch out and let the sun warm you, even on a cloudy day when the rainbows are low. The sun has a powerful and potent energy to heal and nurture.

How are you unique?

It is surprising to discover that siblings have different genetic makeup. Same parents, different mixes of genetics to understand that unique expression of humanity.

It is no wonder then that each creation of yours is yours uniquely. Rejoice today that you are here to express your own individual chi.

Happiness doesn’t have to be elusive. Be solemn joy today and know that you are loved. In all your imperfections and perfections, in your own height and weight and in your problems and successes. All this magic of yours is why you are here.

Be of solemn joy. You are loved!

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