Ever wonder why they’re not a really good container for storing and organizing hair bands and pins?

There really is nothing you can use to hang up the scrunches and make it look good and be able to take it off without stretching it all out of shape.

However, there are ways to organize hair accessories, if you use your imagination. Just sit back and think about what you can do, to show off these pretty pieces and still be able to find it all.

  • 1. Take a ribbon, make a bow out of it, and use the ends of the ribbon to put pins.
  • 2. Use a shoe organizer (child size) and use all the small pockets to hold barrettes, scrunches’, hairspray, combs, brushes and other hair care needs and hang it on the inside of your door closet.
  • 3. Hair ties can be nicely displayed when you attach a piece of tape to the inner closet door or linen closet door and attach them with miniature clothespins purchased from the craft store.
  • 4. Ponytail holders: see n. 3 or tape your mirror frame and pin the ponytails with the clothespins
  • 5. Get small decorative containers from the dollar store and place them on your dresser, one for pigtails, one for hair ties, one for barrettes, and so on.
  • 6. Take a small piece of PVC pipe and poke two holes (facing each other) about 1 inch from the end, insert a piece of string, ribbon, or string to hang onto a hook on the clothes rail in your closet. Now put all your hair ties in the tube.
  • 7. Obtain a container of small-size parts from the hardware department; used to store nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. Label the drawers according to what you have in them or perhaps according to the color. Get some nice contact paper and place it on the outside of the box to blend in with the colors in your room.
  • 8. Claw forceps (jaw forceps) are great, but what do you do to prevent them from breaking? Use a PVC pipe (# 6); put them in a plastic shoe box.
  • 9. Hair sticks or combs; Take a piece of styrofoam and spray paint it to match your room, make a design out of it if you like (heart, diamonds, butterfly) and glue all your pretty sticks and combs here (along the edge) Then paste one of your favorite hair photos in the middle. Add a ribbon on top, make a bow and hang it up.
  • 10. Hair bands can be easily stretched, so be sure to store them in a plastic container; Hang them with miniature clothespins or put them in a small plastic bag and hang.
  • 11. If they are the ‘hard’ headband, get a large stuffed animal to place in a corner of your room and place your headbands on your head, paint a large styrofoam ball and place them there for a nice display.

Now you have some great ideas to start with, and I’m sure you will come up with a few more.

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