The last 50 years have shown a dramatic change in the American family and the way it is built.

Divorce has increased among US citizens. More people are choosing to live together rather than sign a marriage license before moving in together. The recent approval of same-sex marriages by voters in many states indicates an acceptance of “blended” families of gay and straight people. More and more children are being born to single mothers.

These changes have resulted in complicated webs of family relationships that affect the form and content of relationships. The rise of dual-career, dual-income marriages has also transformed domestic arrangements. As the shape of the family changes, our laws change, and at a time when people go through these types of transitions, they need a family attorney who understands the changes and is adept at legal maneuvering. Family lawyers need to understand the statutes in their state.

They can explain the difference between common law marriages, civil unions, common law partnerships, cohabitation, and the legal ramifications of each of these.

A family lawyer can help before the marriage, during the marriage and during the dissolution of the marriage. This often includes drafting a document that will protect both parties in the event of separation.

Most family law cases involve a life-changing process that deserves careful planning and execution. Your choice of attorney will play a significant role in how your case is handled and the fairness of the final outcome.

Family lawyers deal with very personal and emotional matters. Divorce, child custody, property division, adoption, surrogacy, legitimacy issues, property disputes, these can all be very traumatic events. Many of these problems are delicate in nature and tend to end in an unpleasant way. Being represented by a qualified attorney can mean the difference between weeks of frustration or a quicker resolution.

It is important to find an attorney who knows how to mediate in an emotionally charged environment. This means that your attorney must understand the emotional and psychological costs, as well as the financial costs of a divorce or any custody issue. You also need an attorney who shares your values ​​and is compassionate enough to understand the complexities of your particular case.

Family lawyers also need to understand children and how a new situation will affect them. Enthusiastic advocacy doesn’t always work when young people are involved. Sometimes parents must compromise for the well-being of their children.

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