Like most people, I hate spam.

I mean, I can’t take it. It consumes my time, patience, and energy in a way that only a few things in this world can.

However, at the same time, I also learned a way to use spam for profit, legally, ethically, and legitimately.

Actually, this is an idea that the “father of guerilla marketing” Jay Conrad Levinson gave me when I interviewed him a couple of years ago.

And what he says you should do is subscribe to a lot of internet newsletters and marketing bulletins and be on a lot of lists. Even lists that people would consider “spam”.

And what it says is, depending on what market you’re in, one in 20 of those spam emails will have a good idea.

Maybe an interesting headline that you can swipe through for your products, or an idea that intrigues you and therefore probably intrigues your own list.

And so, by leafing through spam like this a lot, you get all kinds of cool ideas for your own products, newsletters, books, and promotions.

It’s actually a pretty cool concept that really works. Try yourself and see.

Get a free email address, so you don’t put your good email addresses on anyone’s spam list, and start subscribing to everything.

Not only things in your market, but also in other markets.

And then once in a while, check that spam email and see if you can’t pick a good idea.

I think you will be surprised by the large number of ideas and strategies that you see that you can easily adapt and modify for your business.

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