When it comes to marketing your self-published book, there are several options open to you. One of the most overlooked marketing methods available to you is direct mail marketing. For a small cost, you can physically communicate with your sales prospects in no time. Many self-publishers have probably forgotten the power of this marketing strategy, or don’t believe this method can work for a tech-savvy self-publisher. And online and social media marketing strategies have, for the most part, replaced what was once considered the most effective marketing strategy. But, for a complete and successful marketing plan, you can’t ignore direct mail marketing.

Isn’t Direct Mail Marketing Dead?

Direct mail marketing may be considered “old school” by many of today’s high-tech marketers, but it can still be a powerful marketing tool. And because of this, a self-publisher who wants to sell more books should use direct mail marketing as part of the overall marketing plan. And don’t forget that not everyone has an email account. But they all have a physical mailbox, which they visit every day, without exception. In contrast to this, most emails do not open. It is not easy to be impressed with a few words in the line of the message. Regular mail has a better chance of being opened. You can stay at someone’s home or office, waiting to be seen. But you, as a marketer, have the opportunity to design your mail piece to surprise the recipient and try to get them to open it.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is, as the name implies, a way for your marketing materials to reach your potential customers directly through the use of the mail system. Postcards, flyers, and brochures are the most common marketing materials sent out. Of course, direct mail has its advantages and disadvantages. But when used correctly and with proper planning, it can be a powerful and cost-effective way to establish a direct, personal connection with your prospects. The direct mail marketing plans that have the greatest impact are only delivered to specific people, at specific addresses.

How can I create a list of possible names and addresses?

There are four main ways for a self-publisher to create a list of names and addresses:

1. Ask your followers on all of your social media and your website to voluntarily sign up for your mailing list;

2. If you already have an existing business and self-publish your book on the side, and the theme of the book is appropriate for your current clients, add them to your book mailing list;

3. Develop your own mailing list using the Internet to find names and addresses. An example of this would be to find the names and addresses of all independent libraries and bookstores and add them to your mailing list;

4. Make it easy and pay a professional group like Association of Independent Book Publishers to send your marketing materials directly to a list of potential customers, a list that they have created and managed.


Direct mail will get your marketing material straight into the hands of potential book buyers. Buyers who may not have been able to find you or your book in today’s busy book market. It is also your chance to get them to your website, where you need to provide more marketing material for your book and also surprise them with information about yourself. So, don’t ignore direct mail marketing for your book. Your marketing plans are not complete without at least some direct mail marketing.

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