Conspiracy Theorist Unit! There is a new conspiracy to lose weight that may have some merit. The theory is that the health industry, especially the weight loss industry, doesn’t want you to lose weight. In theory, the conspiracy states that the healthcare industry, including doctors, wants you to be fat and obese because of the extreme gains made from treating obesity and the resulting diseases that obesity can cause.

Here are some of the thoughts of the conspiracy theorists.

They think the makers of fad diet pills, miracle drugs, and specialty diet pills know that the fatter you are, the more likely you are to keep buying their products. Obviously these products do not work or there would be no need for the new and improved versions that appear incessantly on shelves and in magazines. Not only do you keep getting fat, so do your bank accounts!

By staying overweight, you are more likely to develop certain medical conditions later in life. Conditions that are very profitable for the doctors who treat them.

The pattern will continue. You get fat, buy more miracle drugs, need expensive hospitalizations and treatments … and they keep getting richer! If they are lucky, it will pass the same traits on to their children and keep the cycle going.

Fortunately, a doctor from Arizona has revealed this conspiracy theory. She has found that plaque and parasitic infestation in the human intestinal tract is the main reason we cannot lose weight. This doctor’s fat loss secret and exposition of why the health industry wants to keep you fat meets tremendous resistance. He claims to have received death threats for exposing this important information.

The doctor, Suzanne Gudakunst, began her study on how the absorption of nutritional foods by the colon and digestive system affects the human body. By chance, he discovered that plaque and parasite in the intestinal tract were present in more than 95% of all Americans. Obese people with this condition could not lose weight regardless of how much they diet or exercise. But, when the condition was treated and corrected, they begin to lose weight immediately!

This conspiracy to lose weight is gaining ground. Makes sense when you think about it. Money and the greed for more money make the weight loss industry one of the most profitable. Why would they want to kill their goose that is laying all those fat golden eggs?

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