How Social Media Works in Destination Marketing

Does your CVB or tourism office use social media in its destination marketing plan? If not, what are you waiting for? According to a recent study, 81 percent of all marketers surveyed said their social media efforts have generated exposure to their business, and 61 percent of marketers saw an increase in web traffic. If your destination is not keeping […]

Arborist Equipment – Hand and Pole Saws for Pruning

If you want to make sure you get your job done correctly and efficiently, then it’s important that you find, buy, and maintain the right arborist pruning equipment. For many arborists, a big part of their job is making sure trees look nice and healthy through good tree pruning and pruning practices. Quality pruning tools allow you to cut cleanly […]

What are the 5 best smartphones in 2016?

Mobile phones come in different designs and shades. The year 2015 offered different smartphone designs. Look back to 2016 to find the best smartphone. From screen resolution to battery, every aspect of the mobile phone is analyzed. The year 2016 promised to deliver a handful of smartphones to customers. The 5 best smartphones in 2016 are 1. iPhone 7 2. […]

Thinking of opening an AT&T Wireless store? There’s something new: a virtual wireless franchise

If you are considering opening a traditional cell phone retail store like one from AT&T, you may have made the right decision. But before investing thousands of dollars, maybe you should take a little time to research something new that has emerged in the wireless phone industry in recent months. T-Mobile, Sprint, and a company called Liberty International have teamed […]

Ten ways to find alpha and beta games to try

There are many different ways to find alpha, beta, or early access games. Let me share with you the ways that have worked for me: 1) Social Media – You can find games by searching Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, and Pinterest. You will perform a search by typing alpha games, beta games, or new releases. If you’re on these platforms, your […]

Nintendo Wii U review for you

The Nintendo Wii U is a completely different ball game when it comes to games. Almost everything has been improved, changed, or expanded in some way, mostly for the better. The most obvious change is the new Wii U controller. It’s kept simple, with the standard d-pad and 4-button dual-bumper setup that we all know and love. Near the left […]